Year: 2012

happy 2013

2013 – it’s the year to rewire, reset and transcend. Forgive, bless and complete karmic contracts. It’s time to move forward freely without resentment or fear and act on our highest intentions. Happy 2013 everyone!

snow play

Snow play is a popular past-time throughout the mountains in SoCal especially when there are winter storms ‘coz it is the only time when snow is really snow and not iced snow. 🙂 There are a lot of places to snow play in the Wrightwood Mountains, we always go to Inspiration Point though. It is said that the best places to go in SoCal are west of the village and the warmer the weather, the higher elevations tend to be better. Hmmm… I can’t wait for another blast in the snow if plans go through after Christmas day with the whole family, cousins and more little cousins. I can just imagine the fun and how crazy it’d be. And for those who are planning to go too, don’t forget to bring discs, sleds, mittens, hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters and anything you might find useful up there. Well, it’s time for the coffee post… Today I had a caramel brûlée instead of the usual skinny peppermint mocha.

Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point is not actually a mountain, itself… it is part of Blue Ridge. At 7,386’ in elevation, Inspiration Point rests in a small saddle on Blue Ridge, where Highway 2 crosses from the north side of the mountain, down into the Vincent Gulch side. It is obviously known for its amazing views overlooking the San Gabriel River Basin (East Fork). It also offers views of most major mountains in the area including Blue Ridge, Pine Mountain, Mt Baldy, Iron Mountain, Pine Mountain Ridge, and Mt Baden Powell. If you are up for a small hike, take the short Lightning Ridge Nature Trail, which loops around the top of Inspiration Point and offers even more incredible views. On a clear day you can actually see the island of Catalina from here. This is Mt. Balden Powell as seen from Inspiration Point. It is the highest peak in San Gabriel Mountains with an elevation of 9,399 feet. It makes for a good trail for those who are fond and not afraid of heights. It is said …

slow walking

One step at a time is a good walking ~ Chinese Proverb   Today’s coffee: I know, I keep showing you the same coffee but I repeat, it’s become my fave drink… free grande skinny peppermint mocha for when you get 5 holiday drinks in a row. All images were created using Snapseed.

Cachuma lake

I am imagining myself camping here on a summer day, go fishing and go trailing if there are any and maybe swimming. But as I read some reviews, swimming isn’t allowed as it is the main source of Santa Barbara’s water supply. And just excuse me again if this panorama isn’t as good as it should be, well it’s my first time to do panorama, the real truth is I don’t really know how to do stitching. Thanks the iPhone made it easier for me take this through its camera lens panorama feature. 🙂 Don’t forget to click on the photo for larger view and to appreciate. In one of my researches, Cachuma Lake is located in the Santa Ynez Valley and is about 12 miles east of Solvang, CA and because we came from Solvang, this is how we discovered this nature’s gem. It is 22 miles northwest of Santa Barbara, CA. and it would just be basically a short drive up. Lake Cachuma is a non-body contact reservoir lake with a shoreline stretching …

flowers of solvang

I was so certain my daughter was so drawn to these flowers while we were dining outdoors of Mortensen Danish Bakery in Solvang. She kept going back to this little bed of delights until I guess she exhausted all the perspectives before settling down to indulge on the pastries she got for herself. She has chosen art & photography for her elective this semester and I am just being a proud mom for all her efforts, her improvements and I can say she’ll go a long way in this field of arts. She has submitted some of them for her teacher’s comments and is still waiting for the feedback though. How well do you think has she done on these photos? And for… Today’s coffee: a cuppa of hazelnut latte, less sugar as always from 85°C Café, a wonderful place to people watch.