Month: October 2012


In the spirit of  Halloween, I’d like to post this old photo taken from one of those L.A. county fair visits. And so I’m a grave digger tonight, working on a graveyard shift. This is one of the times when I’m most needed at work, when parents of younger kids want to take a night off to be able to bring them trick-or-treating. Well, I understand. Today’s coffee: coffee jelly tea from 85°C café, well there’s still coffee in it. Photo taken using the hipstamatic app, foodie pak – loftus lens, tasty pop flash & DC film. Keep safe kids and everyone!

minneola road exit

The road exit is just before the Calico Ghost Town on I-15 and about 2 miles north is a dirt road that brings you to the Calico Early Man Site which I hope to explore the next time we pass by this area. Btw, we have to exit here & stop on a side street near the abandoned gas station to add more air pressure on our car tires. It was a very quiet & eerie place but I forgot all about it ‘coz I was so consumed with the beautiful sunset. Linking to signs, signs. Have a nice time trick or treating tonight and keep safe everyone!

equestrian circle

I came across the equestrian circle again today when I did my loop at the Schabarum Trail. This can be found in between loops 1 and 2. Today’s coffee: the usual skinny macchiato from Sbux. Good day everyone!

sitting with loneliness

When I get lonely these days, I sit with it. When the feeling came in this morning while I was doing my regular morning walk, I sat on a child’s swing at the park and thought that I have to learn my way around loneliness, that I never have to depend on friends (I don’t have much in this foreign land) or on another person’s body or emotions to fulfill my yearnings. I soon realized that it’s time for me to be my own friend and figure out what is missing and fix it. I meditated for a few moments and relief came soon. So, I moved on. I know it’s a common human experience, and for all those who often feel the same way… welcome! In another note, I thought I might just be homesick but I do feel fine now and lighter. 🙂 Have a lovely Monday everyone! Today’s coffee: cappuccino, no sugar from 85°C Café

coffee break

I was part way through my morning walk and thought that perhaps a little coffee break was in order. Today’s coffee: hazelnut latte from Guppy House.

zzyzx rd

Zzyzx pronounced as /ˈzaɪzɨks/, was also known as Soda Springs, a settlement in San Bernardino County. The road is a 4.5 mile long which runs from the I-15 generally to the south of the settlement where the nearest town is Baker, CA and is 100 miles northeast of Las Vegas, which is the nearest major city. And in the lexicography it is alphabetically the last place name, at least in English alphabetical order. A little history: in my researches (wiki), it was a man named Curtis Springer who gave the name, claiming to be the last word in English language; he then established Zzyzx Mineral Springs & Health Spa in the area in 1944, where Soda Springs is a natural spring and his spa catered to the senior citizens. Also he used the springs to bottle the water and provide drinks to the travelers. Springer was then arrested in 1974 for misuse of the federal land. And it is now being managed by the California State University for their Desert Studies Center. ***this is a …

halloween cheesecake sandwich

Here’s another recipe you can make for your Halloween party. It’s also simple to do. This recipe makes at least 20 pieces. What you need: 8 oz cream cheese, softened 4 tbsp. sugar 2 cups thawed “cool whip” whipped toppings or any brand of your choice 40 chips ahoy real chocolate chip cookies (I found a Halloween themed chips ahoy in Albertsons) orange and/or black sprinkles 3 Easy Steps: BEAT cream cheese & sugar in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until it is well blended. Stir in whipped topping. COVER bottom (flat) side of each 20 cookies with about 2 tbsp. of the cream cheese mixture; top each with second cookie, bottom side down, to form a sandwich. Dip half of each sandwich in sprinkles and gently shake of excess. Place in single layer in an airtight container. FREEZE for 3 hours or until firm. And store leftover in freezer. Kids will love this for sure.