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Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a great battle just like we do.

These words hit me yesterday afternoon while doing my walking meditation and it reminded me so much of my grandpa (may his soul rest in peace), he who never got tired telling us this wisdom every time he sees us walk out the door. 🙂 And I looked up at the sky to thank him.

It’s time for the SWF, come join us! Click on the thumbnails to show larger photos.


  1. Beautiful photos Prem! I love when clouds draw lines in the sky!
    Thanks for remembering me this wisdom! It’s so true, and sometimes difficult to remember…
    I many times think of all the wisdom my grandpa used to tell me but didn’t understand at the time. Now, many times I realize what he was trying to teach me, and I thank him lots!


  2. Haven’t we had some fabulous skies in the past month or so? I’ve featured them a lot on my blog 🙂 Thank you also for the reminder to be kind.


  3. Thanks for sharing these lovely words and lovely skies to go with them. Truly it is hard to remember others and their problems when you are fighting yourself and your own monsters. But we do need to be reminded from time to time that we are not the only ones on this earth and the only ones with problems.


  4. Good words to live by and I have said it myself “always be kind”. It can be hard to do, though, when we are angry or frustrated. Perhaps I should do as you and meditate on it regularly.


  5. sylviakirk says

    Lovely, lovely skies and wonderful captures for the day!! And a very wise quote as well! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the wisdom! Both improve the day!!


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