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valley wells

Now this is a nice rest stop and better than 99% of the gas station rest rooms I have seen. Between Primm and Baker, it’s the perfect place to stop for a quick off and back on the interstate-15 break without the hassle of street lights. I was actually surprised with the details that the little rest stop had, there were imprints of doggy paws on the sidewalk leading to the rest rooms which have automatic toilets & faucets and an eco-friendly hand-dryer; there were tables for picnics and best of all the landscaping they’ve done here is awesome, they’ve placed informational tidbits around about the desert. Well, the design seems to blend with the landscape.

Click on photos for larger view. Linking to signs,signs


  1. Yes, Prem, this looks like a really nice rest stop place and most importnatly, that respects the surrounding area!


  2. Holy crap. i just want to visit this place! need to stop and rest here… for a while! nice post. thanks for sharing. I love to explore and drive in the desert next time i head out there i will make sure to visit.


  3. Marleen, NL says

    This is an inviting place. Nice shots.


  4. This is pretty darn nice if you ask me. Our here in VA are all very nice and built from brick…I cannot say the same for other states. A nice collection of signs. genie


  5. I like these kind of rest stops where there are plenty of local informational signs to read and room to stretch one’s legs while enjoying the scenery.


    • premdev says

      so far the best I’ve seen yet in Calif. 🙂 if you’re ever around this area don’t miss it!


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