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zzyzx rd

Zzyzx pronounced as /ˈzaɪzɨks/, was also known as Soda Springs, a settlement in San Bernardino County. The road is a 4.5 mile long which runs from the I-15 generally to the south of the settlement where the nearest town is Baker, CA and is 100 miles northeast of Las Vegas, which is the nearest major city. And in the lexicography it is alphabetically the last place name, at least in English alphabetical order.

A little history: in my researches (wiki), it was a man named Curtis Springer who gave the name, claiming to be the last word in English language; he then established Zzyzx Mineral Springs & Health Spa in the area in 1944, where Soda Springs is a natural spring and his spa catered to the senior citizens. Also he used the springs to bottle the water and provide drinks to the travelers. Springer was then arrested in 1974 for misuse of the federal land. And it is now being managed by the California State University for their Desert Studies Center.

***this is a repost from my previous blog, so just excuse me if you’ve already seen this.


  1. I didn’t read the post before, and I liked learning about this curious name and place.
    Baker, I remember stopping there on my Greyhound trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco three years ago. Oh, how much I hated buses after that trip… We left Las Vegas station at 3 am and couldn’t sleep most of the trip with lots of old and fat men snoring around me… But luckily that was our last bus trip. 😀


  2. Ow, you got me curious BIG TIME!!! Is it actually a word? I keep seeing the one you mentioned about being the last word in English language, and also ‘the last place on Earth’. Fascinating!
    I also saw a restaurant with the same name, and it’s right here in Camarillo. I’m from Oxnard, so I definitely will check that restaurant out.
    Thanks for the info. So cool find!!!


    • you’re right! let me see a photo of that resto! I was also fascinated with this when I learned about the word. Weird huh?


    • you have to watch for this one out when you travel for Las Vegas next month! it’s right after Yermo.


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