Slow Travel

minneola road exit

The road exit is just before the Calico Ghost Town on I-15 and about 2 miles north is a dirt road that brings you to the Calico Early Man Site which I hope to explore the next time we pass by this area.

Btw, we have to exit here & stop on a side street near the abandoned gas station to add more air pressure on our car tires. It was a very quiet & eerie place but I forgot all about it ‘coz I was so consumed with the beautiful sunset.

Linking to signs, signs. Have a nice time trick or treating tonight and keep safe everyone!


  1. I was going to ask what CYN meant – thanks.
    I can well imagine that the night sky would be beautiful with all the stars, too.


  2. We stayed in an RV Park in (or near) Calico once — I have never seen so many stars…there was no outside light to interfere. We really enjoyed that part of the country — but it is so quiet its eerie… and hard to imagine it is not terribly far from LA and all that busy city.!


    • premdev says

      I think I might have seen that RV park, it’s in Ghost Town and just a few were parked there. Yes, quiet and eerie. So halloween-ish!


  3. Such magical light! Love that the name of a street? is “sunrise” (Not sure what “Cyn” means)


  4. Desert sunsets are the best! I like the light hitting the Sunrise Canyon sign. You should link up to Lesley’s Signs, Signs today. Link is on my pumpkins post and this week’s link should be available after 11:00 a.m. your time. Hope to see you there! 😉


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