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morning mist

This beautiful scene was from yesterday when I went out running,  I had to stop for a few moments and just be. I also went out running earlier this morning but I could barely finish half a block, my body was just too tired and was begging to slow down, so I listened.

What do you usually do when your body is trying to tell you something? Do you ever even listen to it? well, sometimes or most of the times we have to… in a positive way. 🙂

Today’s coffee: for a change I got myself a vanilla latte instead of the usual macchiato.
Thanks for trying a latte art, barista.

I am doing more mobile photography these days so just excuse me if some might come out a little gritty. I just find it easier to update my blog. The coffee was shot using the Snapseed app and the first photo was filtered using rise from IG.

Linked to SWF.


  1. I’m using my iphone a LOT for my pics. I think your morning mist shot is absolutely amazing!
    and YUM on the coffee 🙂


  2. I am thinking I should get a Smartphone – so much easier to carry around for those sudden photo needs!
    I am glad you took the time to stop and just be in the moment. so few people I see around me seem to do that.


  3. Beautiful early morning photo Prem! And you are 100% right, we should listen to our body all the time… but I guess sometimes it’s to difficult. Though I know it shouldn’t be.

    Oh, I’m so honored!!! I just saw that you listed me on your “Friendly Blogs” list!!! It’s such an honour Prem!!! Thank you! Thank you so so much!

    About the card, that you asked me on the comments what kind of card I would like. I would like anyone you think it’s nice! Everything will be absolutely fine. And don’t worry, send it whenever you have time. 😀

    Hugs and kisses!


  4. I used to push myself even when my body was clearly telling me to slow down. Nowadays, I listen!


  5. Whatever you’re doing with your photography is working! Beautiful . And vanilla latte is my drink of choice. And definitely I too believe in listening to my body. Today it’s telling me that it wants to go out and walk, but it is too rainy!


    • well, an indoors walk will be a good idea… 🙂 vanilla latte is perfect for your rainy day today!


  6. sylviakirk says

    I love the misty light and what a great capture for the day!! I, too, love the light — oh, and the coffee, too!! Happy SWF! Enjoy your weekend!


    • thanks, I do too… smartphones are now raising the bars high and they do capture well.


      • they can be amazing, i love the freedom it gives to be creative and the convenience of having a camera in your pocket all the time.


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