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Some of you may have known by now that I “sometimes” love to cook, so here’s a few of them. Some are easy and quick to do, the one I love most is the pan-grilled fish fillet, it’s so so easy with a very simple taste. 🙂 And just leave a message if you want to know how, I’m just too lazy to write all the steps here today. If you click or just hover your cursor on the photos, you’ll see the name for each one.

Today’s coffee: at home again with a lightly roasted Pumpkin spice – sweet & spiced with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. I don’t think it went well with my choice of pancakes. The tastes just got all mixed up. lol.

And yes, I’m still so lucky to have found a few Manila mangoes sold at an Asian store.


  1. Oooo, everything looks so yummy!
    I just picked up some pumpkin spice coffee today (Creme Brulee too!!). Tastes so wonderful on a cold day!


  2. It all looks delicious, especially the bacon-wrapped chicken! Your pancakes look perfect. Mine never look that nice.


    • yes, I like them soft and fluffy… I put on extra water than what is recommended & let the mixture settle for a few minutes before I cook them.


  3. Oh my gosh, everyone of those looks wonderful. I pan-grill fish often, but it doesn’t usually look that good. Don’t like spiced coffee — I’ll take a vanilla latte if you have it ;>)


    • I don’t think it is for me either, I bought a trial pack the other day to just try it out.


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