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trail signs

Sharing photos of signs that I’ve gathered while I’ve trailed around, signs that we may not want to miss. I believe it is important to know where we are going and what to expect on certain trails ‘coz when we practice mindfulness and knowing, we are eliminating ignorance.

Today’s coffee: at home again with a dark roasted Seattle, paired with steamed sweet potatoes.

Coffee photo taken using hipstamatic app – Lucifer VI lens,  BlacKeys B+W film & Standard flash.

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  1. I thought at first that the rattlesnake sign was for a windy trail.
    sheesh, I really need to get my eyes tested!


  2. Signs are very important when you wander into the wild. It’s maddening when they’re faded, obscured, or just not there when you need them. :/


  3. All the photos are so great and the signs too. And I agree with you, it’s important to pay at list a little bit of attention to the signs along trails, sometimes the information there is so important.
    Have a great day!


  4. Great variety of signs, all important, particularly the rattlesnake and mountain lion signs. Wouldn’t want to accidentally drink that water, either!

    Your coffee sounds good (and the sweet potatoes, too).


    • premdev says

      And the wildcat loop too, which is so faded… and it was pointing to where I just came from. 😦


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