Coffee, Plant & Nature

sunset tanka

Ribbons of color
harmonize across the sky
giving hope beyond
life’s eternal flame and bliss
I thank you dear universe.

Today’s coffee: at home with a house blend that is rich, balanced and complex while I write on my one sentence 5 year journal.

Happy weekend to everyone!

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    • a drive by sunset approaching Victorville, yes I loved it too… so tropical and thanks,


  1. Beautiful sunset! The sweet treat looks yummy. I love the crocheted table runner; looks especially pretty on the wood table. (I’m a sucker for crochet!) 😉


    • oh you know what, I just bought it in Big Lots, I found it and a whole piece of table cloth. I also used to crochet but I stopped. 🙂 my mom was the real sucker for crochet and she really did a few curtains for our house.


    • the sweet treat I forgot to mention is an Asian rice cake made by my dad…it was really good. 🙂


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