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road trip highlights

Pacific Coast Highway
Total miles: 361 (++ the miles we got lost in Santa Barbara and a few when in Oxnard)
Date: November 9 and 10

Here’s the map and the points where we stopped for a few minutes or hours. Points B & C and F&L are overlapping as they are relevantly close to each other. (click for larger view)

A. Starting point, where we visited the church first to thank God for another brand new year.

B. Venice Beach, let the fun and excitement begin here!

C. Venice Canals, it’s called Venice for a reason…

D. Malibu PCH, 27 miles of scenic drive

E. Oxnard, for lunch and a little rest

F. Screaming Eagle Hwy, Ventura PCH, ahhh… just in time for that magnificent sunset and was charmed by the RV’s that were parked right on the seashore, what a nice way to relax eh?

G. Santa Barbara, where we planned to get lodging but the city was so confusing with all the one way streets and every time we drive on to a lodging place we were either lost or lost again, and difficult to navigate back. So, we just moved on…

H. Lompoc, the highway was so still we got worried if there really was a town ahead… but at last bed & breakfast. The lady at the inn said there was not much to see ‘coz it was basically just a small town, so we moved on to the next city the next day…

I. Buellton, what a very pleasant place – clean and peaceful.

J. Solvang, ahhh… that famous little Danish Village in Santa Ynez Valley

K. Cachuma Lake, Hwy 154, a very nice recreational place to stay… it’s been added to our list.

L. Screaming Eagle Hwy, Ventura Fwy, those charming RV’s parked by the roadside. We were so jealous and planning to get one for us next year.

M. Camarillo, we missed the PCH Hwy exit, so we just have to move on again…

N. Calabasas, where we faced heavy traffic on Fwy 101 but was rewarded with this marvelous sky show, so it wasn’t a bore.

O. HOME! Dropped by McD for a to go frappe…yummy!

Feels good to be home but it also felt good to be doing a road trip. Will be posting photos of places in the next few…

Phew!!! this is a long post 🙂


  1. A wonderful post — brings back great memories (no prettier drive in the world). We’ve eaten and/or stayed in many of the towns you show. Fun fun fun!


    • really? that’s fun! and I’m glad to be bringing those memories back to you.


    • Thank you Lisa, I do too… we (my family) are beach bums that’s why we chose the Pacific Coast Hwy to drive on.


  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Love how the driving alone gets to be the highlights. PCH is definitely worth the mention. I feel awful. I don’t know about those poles in Oxnard. Bwahahahaha. You went to Venice Beach Canals, awesome! Peaceful, isn’t it? Venice Beach is just automatic, while Solvang is good for European fix. Cachuma drive, I always see that when I go to the casino. Hehe. Ironically, from what was shown here, the best is that rainbow surprise. 😀


    • yay! well, when you see those poles I know you’ll remember my question and it will get you asking around, lol! and when you do, don’t forget to tell me.


  3. Cool little road trip! I’ve driven most of that lovely route, except the inland part from Lompoc to Santa Barbara.


    • The Lompoc drive was weird, it got me thinking not to travel at night especially when the place is so secluded. 🙂


  4. Great photos of a fantastic road trip, Prem!
    I visited Solvang!!! It’s a nice place, so different to any other thing around.
    When I said that Santa Barbara had confusing traffic signs, it reminded me of something similar when we were in CA. But now I realized it wasn’t in Santa Barbara, but in Santa Cruz. I don’t know exactly why but I remember that we kept going through the same street time after time, until we finally found the right way out! 😀


    • yup, it was the same with us… we tried to look the same lodging but it seems that every time we pass by the place the more we felt lost…


  5. Looks like it was a very pleasant, scenic road trip and always a joy to see a rainbow! What is the structure in your Oxnard image?


    • that I am not sure, we were even joking that it looks like they were chopsticks… I still have to ask another blogger from Oxnard, maybe he knows. 🙂


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