convo messages

On instagram, a random friend asked if he can use the above photo for his edit journey.

me: sure, no problem with me… do you want me to send the file?
friend: yep! thanks, send it to ____
me: fine, do you want the original or the edited file? (I sent both anyways)
friend: hey, I got the files. Thanks, I will send you the edited file for your approval
me: oh no need, you don’t need my approval… I am giving you all the privileges
friend: no no, you really need to approve if it’s ok or not ‘coz it’ll be carrying your name and you might not like what I do with the photo
me: really… you don’t need my approval and I am not attached with my name. Whatever you come up with the photo is fine with me. And remember you should edit it for yourself and not for me or anybody else
friend: silent mode 😀
me: thinking 24hrs after  – did he find me strange?

I find it funny though… I wanted to add jokingly on my last message to him that I don’t worry about what he does with the photo because it’s been embedded with karma. lol. And he would have thought he’d rather steal the photo than ask permission from me then it would have been less complicated. 😀

Today’s coffee: hazelnut latte from Tenju Teahouse, I am starting to like this place after 3 cuppa in a row. Nice place to people watch and for street photos.


  1. So, you don’t know what happened to the photo at the end? I am curious now of how his edition turned your photo… Funny story though.


  2. Your friend was following proper photo use etiquette and that is to be commended. 🙂 Some folks take without asking.

    Your coffee sounds good. I indulged yesterday with my annual holiday treat – a skinny peppermint mocha at Starbucks. Fairly pricy for a Midwest girl, but I enjoyed every sip!


    • I’ve to try their peppermint mocha yet, a friend has recommended it to me too.


  3. Prem, the only thing I understood in this whole post was the hazelnut latte … and that sounds wonderful. (Your picture is lovely, I don’t blame someone for wanting to borrow/steal whatever it is.)


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