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Arts in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is known to be the a hub of artistic inspiration and creativity. One thing that you must see when in the area is the Venice Art Walls, located in the sand of Venice Beach.

Again, I’m warning you, there are tons of them… you have to click on the photos for larger view and did you know that you can also comment on a certain photo while on the carousel show? just sayin’ 🙂

I am not sure how it’s called, I mean the ladies in the metal hula. They were really good at it and gave us a magnificent show.

Also, I’ve postponed posting today’s coffee as it will make this post longer and will be too much of a scroll.


    • thanks! i’ve browsed through your blog and you have a fine set of photos, will be looking at them again in my big screen to fully appreciate. happy thanksgiving!


  1. I love, love Venice Beach art!!! I love how the center changes each time. It was awful when I was there the third time though, too many scribbles from posers. Th one with the bulldozer is close to Venice Beach canals. 😉 hehe.
    Awesome, awesome captures! You did darn great job exploring it, esp. with the hoops circle on the park.


    • Yup, and my daughter likes it there ‘coz she’s a budding fine artist she said she wants to go live there 🙂


  2. I feel like I’ve visited VB now! These are great captures; I like them all, particularly the “ghost”-type painting of the man’s face on the red brick wall. I’ve never seen anyone use a hula hoop in that style before. That’s amazing! I think I’d want to wear leather gloves, though, so I wouldn’t be scraping my knuckles. Oh heck, I wouldn’t be capable of doing whatever it is they’re doing anyway! 😉


    • I am not really sure if it’s a hula hoop but it kind of looked like it though… 🙂 yeah, me too I won’t be able to do it.


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