red festive cups

Today’s coffee: I didn’t want to miss their last day on the “buy 1 get 1 free” promo on holiday drinks, so I went today. I got myself one hot skinny peppermint mocha & a frappucino for the take one, all for me.

Starbucks propos, my friend would say… but I love ’em red festive cups.

And since I skipped…

Yesterday’s coffee: Hazelnut latte less sugar from McD right after I trailed the Hacienda hills. And yes, I do love their red festive cups too & whatever propos on it are working on me.



  1. The one get one free at starbucks is a great deal!! I don’t drink coffee too much, but I absolutely love hazelnut latte from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! It’s so delicious and never fail to wake me up.


  2. Mmmmm! Did you like one flavor better than the other? We were to our Starbucks on Sunday and I indulged in another skinny peppermint mocha. I think I’m set for a while now until closer to Christmas. In the meantime, I am going to check out our McDonald’s and see if they offer the Hazelnut latte so I can try that one.


    • premdev says

      I liked the peppermint mocha yes! and they have this new promo again, but different from the previous one 🙂 oh sbux when will they ever stop? 😀


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