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Cachuma lake

I am imagining myself camping here on a summer day, go fishing and go trailing if there are any and maybe swimming. But as I read some reviews, swimming isn’t allowed as it is the main source of Santa Barbara’s water supply.

And just excuse me again if this panorama isn’t as good as it should be, well it’s my first time to do panorama, the real truth is I don’t really know how to do stitching. Thanks the iPhone made it easier for me take this through its camera lens panorama feature. 🙂 Don’t forget to click on the photo for larger view and to appreciate.

In one of my researches, Cachuma Lake is located in the Santa Ynez Valley and is about 12 miles east of Solvang, CA and because we came from Solvang, this is how we discovered this nature’s gem. It is 22 miles northwest of Santa Barbara, CA. and it would just be basically a short drive up. Lake Cachuma is a non-body contact reservoir lake with a shoreline stretching 42 miles long where you can fish for Bass, Crappie and Trout. Excited about this!

And for today’s coffee: it’s the skinny peppermint mocha… yes, again! it’s become my favorite holiday drink from them.
Image was created using Snapseed. And since I’ve just followed a few blogs through Bloglovin’ it also means that I have to claim my blogs for them to show on their feed. Please follow me if you have an account there. Thanks everyone!

12-10-2012 Update: Sorry guys, I just deleted my account on Bloglovin’. I found it not to be useful in driving traffic to my small time blog. Please read comments below if you wanna know. Thanks again.


  1. Cachuma Lake looks like a wonderful place to camp, fish, and take LOTS of photos.

    I think I’m going to have to indulge in a skinny peppermint mocha tomorrow….they are sooooo good!


    • Yes, definitely a nice place to explore… it’s on the bucket list already. And the peppermint mocha, oh so heaven!


  2. I tried out Bloglovin just yesterday, but didn’t find it useful, because they only feature blogs that are already popular and don’t feature new ones at all. So you’re the one driving traffic to their service, not the other way around. I don’t mind it getting new people from my blogs, but there should be some reciprocation. So I deleted my account there.


    • hahaha, that’s what I thought when I tried it yesterday… like it’s only a place for popular blogs and those popular blogs are kind of snobbish to small time blogs like mine. duh! so I think yes, deleting the account is a good idea.


      • Be sure to tell them why you’re deleting it. I did. Maybe they just hadn’t thought of that. It could be a good service if they had some incentive for us little guys.


  3. Prem, I think your panorama is great. I need to use this feature more on my iPhone.
    Just had my first peppermint mocha the other day. Amazing, but my favorite is still salted caramel mocha! 🙂
    I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a bright beginning to your week!


  4. What a great discovery you did! It looks like such a beautiful lake with all those mountains on the background. I can totally see myself there too. 😀


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