Coffee, Slow Walking

slow walking

One step at a time is a good walking
~ Chinese Proverb


Today’s coffee: I know, I keep showing you the same coffee but I repeat, it’s become my fave drink… free grande skinny peppermint mocha for when you get 5 holiday drinks in a row.
All images were created using Snapseed.


  1. Slurp! What kind of treat is in the bag?

    Nice images today. I like the last one, in particular. Reminds me of walking in the fog.


    • Thanks Lindy! it was a cold day at the park so the photos came out so beautiful and added some filter for a more dreamy effect. 🙂


    • Hi J, yes they just updated the app and added the retrolux set… it’s cool & I also like the new frames.


  2. Your photos are so beautiful Prem. The second one reminds me of the time I did the last part of Saint James Way (Camino de Santiago in Spanish) in Galicia. We started walking early in the morning, even before the sunrise (around 5 am) and some days there was lots of fog… Good memories, and such a good photo.


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