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Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point is not actually a mountain, itself… it is part of Blue Ridge. At 7,386’ in elevation, Inspiration Point rests in a small saddle on Blue Ridge, where Highway 2 crosses from the north side of the mountain, down into the Vincent Gulch side.

It is obviously known for its amazing views overlooking the San Gabriel River Basin (East Fork). It also offers views of most major mountains in the area including Blue Ridge, Pine Mountain, Mt Baldy, Iron Mountain, Pine Mountain Ridge, and Mt Baden Powell. If you are up for a small hike, take the short Lightning Ridge Nature Trail, which loops around the top of Inspiration Point and offers even more incredible views. On a clear day you can actually see the island of Catalina from here.
This is Mt. Balden Powell as seen from Inspiration Point. It is the highest peak in San Gabriel Mountains with an elevation of 9,399 feet. It makes for a good trail for those who are fond and not afraid of heights. It is said that at the top of the summit is a plaque and monument erected in 1957 by the Boy Scouts of America in honor of British Army Officer and founder of the Boy Scouts movement, Lord Balden-Powell, for whom the mountain was named. Before in 1931, the mountain was known as “North Baldy”.

And this is me, life’s superfan! Enjoying, grasping and thanking for the majestic beauty of this place.


  1. Gosh, it’s beautiful up there. Looks like a place we would enjoy hiking and taking *many* photos!

    We have a Mt. Baldy in northwest Indiana…a huge sand dune on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Tall, yes, but only a fraction as tall as your Mt. Baldy.

    Wishing you happy holidays~


  2. I never made it up there when I lived in SoCal, but did go to Idyllwild (above Palm Springs) every once in a while. The air seemed sooo much cleaner up there.


    • oh, we’re planning to go Idyllwild maybe after Christmas. I heard it’s such a nice place too.


  3. WOW this is just beautiful!! did you have to use snowshoes? Did you find it difficult to hike in snow? I’ve never hiked in snow before


    • oh no, we didn’t hike up there, we just went to play snow and I think I can’t make it to the top if I hike in the snow. I just used snow boots.


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