Month: January 2013

getty center garden

The Getty Center in L.A. is a 55 acre facility with stunning architecture, five acres of grounds with groomed gardens, art museum buildings housing art from the Middle Ages to present, a research center plus 50 acres of natural setting. Not to be confused with the Getty Villa in Malibu where the antiquities collection is housed. I most loved the design of the trees with the tall thick wires and where the branches spread upwards and all meet up there to give shade for when you want to rest on those chairs. Such a beautiful scene when you look up into the sky — a mixture of art and nature. A true creative creation. There is also a tree-lined walkway that crosses the stream passing through areas of exotic grasses and descends to a plaza with Bougainvillea arbors. The stream flows through the plaza and cascades over a stone waterfall into a pool. There are special gardens round the pool with the plants and hard materials selected for their interplay of color, light, and reflections. The garden …

natural history museum

If you want to spend a long nice educational day anywhere then this is the place to do it right – the Natural History Museum of L.A. They offer group coupons and student discounts so bring your IDs. The staff and the exhibits were all wonderful. And a good place to bring your kids too. There are tons of stuffs to look at, one is their animals, fossils, insects, meteorites, the gems, gold and all sorts. Let me share a short info about Thomas the T.rex (shown photo #14): well, he captivates visitors of the Dino Hall. This 70% complete specimen is one of the ten most complete T.rex specimens on Earth. The hall opened in July 2011 and it has so far been popular with the successful story of Thomas the T.rex. It is the most stunning centerpiece at the Dino Hall featuring baby, juvenile and sub-adult growth series and is the only one series of its kind in the world. The new hall is designed to allow visitors to wander around and in …

my cute little mistake

I pressed the hipstamatic shutter by mistake & this is what came out… the little girl was asking her daddy why the helicopter up above was so close to the building roof, and daddy answered something I could not hear beyond the noise. And talking about coffee, I am now back to basic – an Americano with sugar-free caramel. I am soooo over with all those holiday drinks. 😀

hello 2013

When I am asked what my New Year’s resolutions are, I always have one in mind… to continue my spiritual journey. It may seem so difficult but I always try to and over the years, practice made it more easier. I have also set this photo as my desktop background to remind me of my “one-of-a-kind” resolution. I also believe that 2013 is going to be luckier and far less stressed year. That’s right, Auf Weiderhesen 2013 and Auld Lang Syne you times gone by, it’s time to rock the relief and roll with the rebirth. 🙂