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natural history museum

If you want to spend a long nice educational day anywhere then this is the place to do it right – the Natural History Museum of L.A. They offer group coupons and student discounts so bring your IDs. The staff and the exhibits were all wonderful. And a good place to bring your kids too. There are tons of stuffs to look at, one is their animals, fossils, insects, meteorites, the gems, gold and all sorts.

Let me share a short info about Thomas the T.rex (shown photo #14): well, he captivates visitors of the Dino Hall. This 70% complete specimen is one of the ten most complete T.rex specimens on Earth. The hall opened in July 2011 and it has so far been popular with the successful story of Thomas the T.rex. It is the most stunning centerpiece at the Dino Hall featuring baby, juvenile and sub-adult growth series and is the only one series of its kind in the world. The new hall is designed to allow visitors to wander around and in some instances, underneath, the specimens. Because of their innovative platforms, many of the major mounts are not surrounded by thick glass — providing rare opportunities for up-close looks at the fossils.


  1. Sallie (FullTime Life) says

    At one time our sons and grandsons all were crazy about dinosaurs.. How they would have loved this! (I still would.)


    • I even wanted to go back and buy more of their himalayan salt lamps from their shop, too bad the hubs didn’t want to drive that far 😦


    • awk… i am not sure of that, I was really kicking myself in there ‘coz I couldn’t use flash even if they allow it still would make a reflection through the glass boxes. 😦

      I hope you’re feeling better now 🙂


  2. Great photos, Prem!!! I like museum, and Natural History ones are always great to visit.
    I liked getting to know about Thomas the T.Rex, wow he is so so big! I sometimes forget that these huge animals once lived in the Earth and that they were real, not only in cartoon or movies. Incredible!


    • I agree my friend! it was really huge & very amazing to see them up close.


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