Month: February 2013

left-over from hsi lai temple

I still found some left-over photos from the Hsi Lai Temple visit. This one made me think of Facebookers considered as Lurker-judger 🙂 And for coffee, hhhmmm… yum that sweet potatoes & sbux coffee. They really go well together. Have a nice weekend everyone!

what is…

What happened to the first signs of spring? uhhmmm… life is really unpredictable. You’ll never know what is…. not until you’re in the moment. Whatever the day is, sunshiny or not, coffee still happens.

first signs of spring

Yipee! Spring is near, it is visible… Winter is soon going to a very far away place from where it’ll move at a very slow pace and encircle the earth. The first signs of spring brings smiles and joy to me and to all. I feel it’s the beginning of nature and the rebirth of a new season and hopes of bringing life and renewal back to the cold pains Even with just the first signs of spring, I am now starting to feel somewhat better and renewed. 🙂 I am more happier when I can enjoy my cuppa outdoors on the patio.

kung hei fat choy

Wednesday noon we made our way again to this Buddhist temple in Hacienda Heights, the biggest in L.A. by far with 15 acres temple complex. And it was clearly a feast over there with the year of the snake just a few days of coming in… We come every year and the first time was in 2010 and it was during the Lunar New Year craze, and by that I really mean crazy. I made it sure the next time that we go would be a week before the temple gets super packed, where parking is impossible and a good serene prayer isn’t that serene. As you enter the temple grounds and drive up that big hill to the parking you know as soon as you turn that corner you’re going to see something spectacular, something you’d never think would be nestled in Hacienda Heights, only a few miles away from a Vons and El Pollo Loco. Seeing the temple was like being transported to another country. We have to slow the car down just so …

sweet little things

Today is my daughter’s 15th birthday but we gave her party over the weekend so family and friends can come. And this is also why I was so partly busy… because of the pretty little things I’ve made for the kids and adults too.  There were more real foods but I don’t want to bomb your dashboards with loads of calories, there is enough in here already.

Calling for Spring

I am so done with the cold days already and I can’t wait for Spring to come. I know I can’t complain ‘coz there are far more colder places than where I am now, still I want it to be over soon. 😀 And for coffee, I had the usual Sbux Cinnamon with a bun and some readings.