Month: March 2013

gratitude walk

Today is Black Saturday in the Lent season of Catholics, a time to fast and abstain from anything you favor in life. So, I was thinking whether to go on my daily walking. I still went ‘coz I call it my “gratitude walk” anyway and I label myself as part Catholic (it’s where I started) and more of a Buddhist these days. I make my daily walk a “gratitude walk” by consciously focusing on all that is right in your world and feeling. The deep inner thankfulness, contentment and peace. I let the gratitude build on gratitude until there is just one seamless flow of ease and openness. ***Photos were taken today using my mobile device and edited on Snapseed.

beach lounge

Ended up the week with a Saturday beach lounge at Venice Beach. Fresh for a new grueling work week. Sorry, coffee didn’t happen today and so for the last 5 days. You can just imagine the “big” change I’m going through. Not to mention the headaches, dry mouth and most especially the sluggishness. 😦 I’ve been snooping around already for some low-acid coffee and looks like there are a few choices that I can get for myself. 🙂 That’s good news!

why gold?

Why is it called the Golden Gate Bridge? Well, this is a question that a lot of people ask themselves, including me when I first visited it a few years back. In fact, many San Francisco residents don’t know the story of the bridge’s name, so I’m not alone! you are not alone! Well, this term actually refers to the Golden Gate Strait which is the entrance to the San Fran Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Since the bridge straddles the Golden Gate Strait, it makes sense that it would be called the Golden Gate Bridge! A lot of folks believe that the Golden Gate Strait and Golden Gate Bridge were named after California’s famous gold rush, but this is not the case. The gold rush had nothing to do with the naming of the Golden Gate. It’s gold though! Those wondering “Why is it called the Golden Gate Bridge?” have probably noticed that the bridge is actually gold. Well, technically the bridge is painted a color called “orange vermilion,” which is also known as …

golden princess

It was raining the day we visited my brother, who is a crew of the Golden Princess, the ship docks at San Pedro’s cruise terminal every after 7 or 14 sea days. I couldn’t go outdoors, the sky was a little overcast but it was fun even staying indoors. There were a lot of small things to see and say my ohhhhs! The design and layout are superb and it is really huge. And the next time he is a crew on this ship again, I am not going to pass up the idea of doing a 7 day cruise. And being a family… he can get us a free cruise. Oh, not really free, we pay $1 a night. 😀 But for now it remains a dream ‘coz he is on board a different ship cruising the Oceania. 😦 Well… Coffee brought me back to reality… 🙂

newport beach

We often visit Newport Beach and it remains one of our favorite spots to relax and unwind. I enjoy watching the waves break out in the distance and the paddle surfers ride into the waves. I love taking a stroll on the pier and walking along the shops or ride my bike along the trail up to the Balboa Pier or even to The Wedge. Or I could just spend all day looking and be mesmerized by the waves. Most of all, to be just in the moment. A meditation. And I can go home feeling restored and refreshed. Ahhh… I can’t wait for that moment again… but for now, I can only dream of it while I enjoy my coffee.