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golden princess

It was raining the day we visited my brother, who is a crew of the Golden Princess, the ship docks at San Pedro’s cruise terminal every after 7 or 14 sea days.
I couldn’t go outdoors, the sky was a little overcast but it was fun even staying indoors. There were a lot of small things to see and say my ohhhhs!

The design and layout are superb and it is really huge. And the next time he is a crew on this ship again, I am not going to pass up the idea of doing a 7 day cruise. And being a family… he can get us a free cruise. Oh, not really free, we pay $1 a night. 😀

But for now it remains a dream ‘coz he is on board a different ship cruising the Oceania. 😦 Well…
Photo Mar 16, 1 02 14 PM
Coffee brought me back to reality… 🙂


    • Really true… connections really help but I always keep it in mind not to abuse it esp if they aten’t family, you know.


  1. By all means go if the opportunity presents itself again. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than your brother’s! 😉

    Beautiful ship – a floating hotel.


    • I know Lindy, I can’t wait for that time. What ship did you cruise with?


      • We cruised with American Hawaii Cruise Line (in 1985!) and twice on Royal Caribbean. It was one of the Royal Caribbean cruises that left from the L.A. port.


    • I am wishing he gets to board the same ship again… he didn’t know for a while that we can go as his family, not until his contract was about to end 😦


    • I wish on his next contract he’ll be boarding that ship again. Fingers crossed.


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