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Sprocket rocket #2

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More panoramic shots from my sprocket rocket camera in Mission Bay.
For this roll I only got six great shots. 😦
Someday, somehow I will get to perfect the shots.
I know it takes a lot of patience and practice. 🙂

Camera: Lomography Sprocket Rocket
Film: Lomography CN 400 35mm
Processing: Color Negative C41 (panorama with holes)


  1. Such a beautiful coast. And your camera does make nice panorama shots. I can’t even understand everything about my digital point and shoot, so I admire your dedication.


  2. They look great Prem! I still have many photos to take with my first roll on my lomography cam… And they may all be bad (I did something weird this the roll one day)…
    At least, you have 6 that are great! 🙂
    Keep practicing!
    Regards from Barcelona.


  3. Okay, I have to admit that I have no idea what a sprocket rocket is. But it sure does take cool photos.


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