Month: September 2015

Art Journal Delight

When I work on my art journal, I explore all kinds of media techniques like printmaking, sewing (with paper), collage, doodling, stamping, painting or drawing. And on this set of art pages, I simply used everyday things to incorporating photography to layering to making colorful backgrounds to using different techniques in photo transfer. I have gathered up my favorite ways to fill these art journal pages. If somehow I have some free time to fill up, I can maybe share a few favorite simple techniques on how to fill and face a blank page. But for now, just be content on appreciating them all.

U-Pick Strawberry

Conveniently located near the 5 fwy in Carlsbad, you can just buy strawberries, or spend an hour picking your own.  It’s a fun pit stop. These farmers have it all figured out, we pay twice as much for the strawberries and do the picking ourselves! But, once you get beyond the obvious I’m-a-sucker feeling, you realize what a fun activity this is. The best part about picking your own strawberries? 100% guarantee that they will be amazingly sweet and fresh. Taking a blind shot at a store, dearly hoping, that the packaged strawberries will offer even half the amount of sweetness pales by contrast. We bought a $20 bucket and already had 1/4 of the strawberries were gone when we got home! This year, we thought we were too early in going and that the strawberries were just too young but were delighted to find a good amount of big, plump strawberries. I do think that late April, early May is the best time to go. I suggest bringing your beach things if you are driving …

Mail Box Art

Not so long ago, I turned one of my many empty letter set boxes (from letter sets, of course) into a mixed media mail art which I later sent to one of my few mail swap friends in Arizona. I filled it with everything that I have personally hand crafted from passport sized journal to doodled book pages to stickers to altered pencil (similar to this ) to a wrist mala and of course some coffee packets in different flavors. If you have these kinds of boxes… no, don’t throw them away. You can still make use of them like what I did to this letter set box. How I did it: Secure one side of the box with a tape and leaving the other side open where your recipient can open from. Using a gel medium, cover the box with collage paper, old book pages or any scraps that you have in your stash. Let it dry for a few hours before proceeding with the next step. Add on some colorful acrylic paints by …


September brings the very particular sensations of fall. The clean, crisp air begins to fill us up with welcome relief from the summer’s heat and thoughts that journey back to days gone by. We reflect upon the past. A melancholy sometimes comes, a longing for people and situations that used to give us such joy. There is nothing unnatural about these thoughts. We let them come and we let them go. Our thoughts are cascades; our moods turn like the leaves. We let nature color our world without succumbing to sadness or depression.We allow nature to run her course through us in peace and understanding. P.S. I welcome me back! ⊂( ・ ̫・)⊃