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The leaves are changing and so are we. This time of year I reflect upon the changes I have undergone and are still experiencing. It is certainly appropriate in fall to meditate on the natural beauty around us.

Even in the midst of so many changes, nature flaunts her radiance. And so do so many of our loved ones shine in our lives. I take this time to recall specifically the triumphs of the human spirit I’ve witnessed. And appreciate the shining, colorful moments that have enriched me along the way.DSCN4926
This month, I will purposefully call to mind the victories life has allowed me. There have been some very good times, usually in connection with overcoming obstacles life put in my path. It is a wide path and along it the trees are lit up with life. And there are victories yet left to experience. I will keep my eyes open to be of witness to the power of the human spirit.


  1. Lovely words beautifully illustrated. Fall is a meditative time of year I agree.


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