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Colors on my Traveler’s Notebook

Colors, I just love colors. And I loved how this page turned out because I didn’t have any idea where this was going when I started it.

​First, on my Traveler’s Notebook, I adhered a bubble painted paper for my background.DSCN4928
To do the bubble painted paper:
1. Add warm water in a basin or in any wide mouth container. Add shampoo to water and make bubbles, a lot of bubbles. Add more shampoo if bubbles do not form easily.
2. Add drops of ink spray in different colors. Do not stir the bubbles after adding ink.
3. Place paper on top and just leave it there for a while until it is fully saturated with colored bubbles. Lift the paper when you’re content with the result and let dry.​

Next, I added an image using one of the photo transfer techniques that I love to use.
4. Cut an image you like from a magazine.
5. Adhere clear packing tape on it. Make sure that edges of the tape overlap each other.
6. Soak or spray with water on the underside. Spread the water so that everything on the underside is soaked. Let stay for a couple of minutes.
7. Gently rub the paper off the tape. Cut the photo transferred image to a shape you like.
8. Adhere to your page. Reinforce with transparent permanent adhesive tape.

9. I added more images using the same photo transfer technique.
10. Use citron green acrylic paint to add contrast. Add some dot marks on it using paint pens.
11. Add a journaling spot, doodle the frame with tiny scallops. Use white pen to color inside of the small scallops.
12. Add pencil lines inside the frame with stabilo all marks pencil.
13. Doodle some flowers. Color it with whispering turquoise blue acrylic paint. Add some pencil marks.
14. Add heart doodle. Use peerless watercolor to add color. Using gel ink pens, add more marks and scallops.
15. Add journaling or an open letter or a quote. DSCN4941
All of this experimenting made me happy. There will always be happy coincidences when you just let your mind and art connect wtih each other. You just have to believe that your art is real. And I always feel a sense of accomplishment each time I learn something new, no matter how small.

Keep creating you artsy-fartsy souls and do not be afraid to break the color rules!


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