Seasonal Coffee at Starbucks

Photo Oct 26, 8 59 52 AM

Toasted Graham Latte ( 300 calories)

Graham and sweet cream meet steamed milk and our signature espresso, then are finished off with a sprinkling of cinnamon graham crumbles for a less sweet perfect treat. – Starbucks

For me, coffee is a must after a run, a walk or a hike. I make sure that all the calories I lose from my outdoor activities are immediately replaced. While it may seem funny to others, this is always the case for me. So today, after an especially strenuous 3-mile walk, I stopped by my Starbucks corner and ordered one of their newly released seasonal offerings, Toasted Graham Latte (TGL for short). Here is my usual dialogue with the familiar barista.

Barista: Hi good morning, what can I get for you today?
Me: TGL Grande, pumpkin cream cheese muffin and a feta cheese both on plates please.
Barista: You want the muffin warmed up?
Me: Yes please.. and can you make the TGL skinny? half syrup and easy on the whip please, and I’d like Pike Place as my base.
Barista: We don’t put whip on TGL.
Me: (bummer)
Barista: Do you want a receipt for that?
Me: No thanks.

When ordering at a Starbucks place, you have to specify Pike Place brew every time or they just give you the brew of the day. TGL doesn’t come with whipped cream and like they say, it’s less sweet, so it’s more coffee and less of a Starbucks dessert. Personally, the coffee was still too sweet for me, and the toasted graham couldn’t be tasted because it was just sprinkled on top. If I hadn’t specified Pike Place brew, overall TGL would have been an awfully bland coffee.

But to save the day, I also paired my coffee with this toasted vegetarian and protein-rich wrap.

Photo Oct 26, 9 02 10 AM

Spinach and Feta Breakfast Wrap (290 calories)

And of course, what is coffee without one of their decadent bakery goods for dessert?

Photo Oct 26, 8 58 26 AM

Pumpkin Spice Muffin (350 calories)

So, breakfast anyone?

Photo Oct 26, 8 57 31 AMPrice, TGL Grande: $4.95
Paired with the muffins and breakfast wrap
Total: $11.65
Total calories: 940