Art Journal

Art Planner-Journal 2016

Hello everyone!

I am back, well, almost. I am still trying to process everything that I’ve learned from the art retreat and also slowly getting a hold of my normal life. But let me start my first 2016 post here with a few photos of my 2016 art planner-journal and on how I organized it. I decided to use two planners this year. One for my art projects and the other for work/biz related plans and ideas, but for today I will be sharing the art planner where I will also be documenting bits of my 2016.

Yes! that is just what I intend to do.

Here, I used a 2 inch kraft binder by Simply Stories and I like how thick it is and it came with pages and clear pockets. I also picked up their 52 weekly pages pack and another pack of their yearly cover and overview pages which also came with thick kraft chipboards and decided I use them as quarterly divider. I love how spacious and pretty the pages are. And everything was on sale from Michaels when the year was only starting and for the price of $15, I got a good deal here.Photo Jan 06, 6 14 14 PMOn the very front page is this simple prayer and what I wish to achieve this year and onwards. I read it each time I open this art planner — a reminder, a re-resolution each time.

I also simply inserted a pocket page (included in the binder kit) and make it more artsy and more mine.

Making these tiny artists cards is quite fun and a quirky way to document my life. One thing I am sure of is, it can save me a whole lot of time than making an art journal page. The limited space is quite challenging me but I am starting to get the hang of it because I can make a couple (two sides) in just 5-10 minutes.

This is why I call it my  “art planner journal,” sort of planning + documenting this year’s life’s little tales, journeys, and endeavours.

If you haven’t decided what planner to use or haven’t decided on any artsy projects for this year, this might just be a good idea. It is not too late. We can always start a project any time and day of the year.