Pretty Snail Mail

Happy Mail Days from My Hollandse Friends

So many things in life can bring me joy, snail mail friends is one of them and happy to be able to connect to these same minded people and because of them, October was a very happy mail month for me. I received so many pretty mails and found in them the most unexpected gifts.

Here’s what I am talking about. Two different mails from two of my Holland friends. Dutch people just so you’ll know have a soft spot in my heart and they know why.

This first mail is from Chanou in Utrecht.

Now, you understand why these things make me so happy. This mail art, as you can see was made with so much care, love and thoughts of me. Just the kind of mail art that I honestly want to get so often and this is one of the few that I happen to just love. The stamps, the colors and the doodles — they are just perfect.


Van Gogh postal stamps? yes, supah love, love!

Anybody who has been exchanging mails with me for a while now knows that I love elephants. There is just something that draws me to them apart for their being known as the God of luck, fortune and protection in Hinduism. In real, they are determined and loyal to their herds and I love how sociable they are with advanced sensitivity. They are intelligent mammals and this is why my love for them is deeper than for what they’re known for their symbolic meanings for truth, strength, harmony, stability and patience.

In this pouch are some goodies – elephant themed tea and stickers. How wonderful it is when you find more surprises in a already beautiful surprise pouch.

If you click the photo on left, you will clearly see what the small punches are about. Also, I love the very delicate paper with the Buddha print on it. I can now imagine how I will use it on one of my art journal pages.


This second mail is from Margit in Mihjdrecht.

Margit and I have been following each other on Instagram since the days the snail mail community there first flourished. And her collection of reading women postcards is so admirable that I started sending her those types whenever I get a hold of one or a couple. I love sending to people who collects a certain topic because I know the feelings of joy when they do get one that is so relevant.

stamps heaven!

Bikes on stamps? that is so really me. I love bikes and I collect stamps, so this is a very perfect combo.

She also sent me these Lali cards. Although I’ve known about them for years, I never got the chance to trade cards with anyone who has them. These were previously hard to find so people wasn’t too eager to swap to just anybody. Their rule was always, a Lali for Lali. But what about us in the US who didn’t have access to these French, German or Dutch riddle cards? Good thing Margit generously offered to send me these, my firsts and who knows if I’ll get more or not in the future. And I really feel lucky to have them in my collection.

These cards are illustrated and designed by Lali herself, a French freelance illustrator. And on each front side of the card is a riddle that the recipients have to answer. The riddles come in French, German and Dutch version, of course I would prefer the Dutch because it is the one that I can read and understand the most among the three languages. (Please click on the photos from below to clearly see/read the riddle).

In my own understanding, the left card is about someone not being expected to a sushi party or close to that. And the right riddle card is asking about who has fallen off the cup?

​Well, dear Dutch friends, correct my translation if I am somehow mistaken. ​(•‿•)

Bummer, I seriously screwed up when I scratched the grey cover to reveal the answers but I still was able to see through it.
The Lali card experience was fun. I can now say that I am a new Lali fan, well, almost. I love the charming and yummy colorful illustrations on them. Anyway, I can now understand why them postcrossers love Lali cards.

​In whole, I really love all what she has sent me, the Chai tea was so good and I can’t wait for the right time when I am able to use the vintage themed stickers/ephemeras.

As I’ve said and I will be saying this over and over, it is always so awesome to be able to connect with people with same hobbies, likes and spiritual goals. Thank you so much Chanou and Margit for the very delightful mails you’ve each sent me. Much love from your California friend.