Art Journal

Art Planner-Journal 2016: Week 4 and 5

Zen & LifeI haven’t been doing much art since I came back from my retreat. I feel like I was fully saturated after doing that 14 art days. So, I trusted my instinct because there was a point when I just wanted to walk away from everything. I needed to remember that we are here to construct and deconstruct and that everything in the universe needs the balance of its complement. It’s a yin and a yang. When I want to create, I create. When I want to stop, I stop.

On one of those days when I was asking a lot of questions, I forced myself anyway into creating these two mini art cards.

Here’s a peek and a very quick walk-thru.

I created two at a time, both sides which I often do. First, I cut pictures and words form a Buddhism magazine. I cut scrapbook papers to 2.5 x 3.5 inches (standard to artist trading cards). Added some texture by painting them using brayer. I glued on the pictures and words. Added more texture by using some stencils and a hint of metallic gold acrylic paint because I want it to shine for me.

This is how they look on the other side. I used the same process as on the front side. Added journaling — a very apt one, so relevant as to how I was feeling. On the other card, I added “stay connected” because I also was thinking of just giving up snail mail. How sad that would be, both for me and my snail mail friends. 

Then, I placed them in a clear plastic which I cut into its perfect size, I also used a 1.5 inch wide or so strip of scrapbook paper, folded in half and placed a half inch of the plastic edge in between. I then stitched the edges of the cards and scrapbook strip. I inserted the cards into the plastic and sealed the top portion with a transparent adhesive tape. Punched holes on the strip, added punch holes support and there it goes in between pages weeks 4 and 5 of my art planner.