Pretty Snail Mail

Happy Mail from Malayisa

One of my Malaysian friends surprised me again with this wonderful mail. She is quite a creative girl in her own way and I always get excited when I receive a mail from her especially when I see so many interesting stamps on the envelope.
This set of stamps are just perfect for my topical collections under flowers and post boxes. ​​

On left are postboxes of Melaka Bandaraya Bersejah & Bukit Bendera and on right is of Pulau Pinang
Bunga Kertas & Bunga Allamanda.

She also sent me postcards since she knows that I collect them.

On left is of Chang-er, the goddess of the moon which according to Chinese folk lore became a goddess after drinking the elixir of life. Apparently as she’s written at the back of the card that there’s also a bunny on the moon to keep her company. Oh, I love bunnies.

On right is an interesting postcard of a shop house otherwise known in Malaysia as “Georgetown” and is listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. She wrote that the bottom part of the building is used as shops and the second floor as living quarters usually by the shopkeepers. And the building is more unique as it used to be a “kongsi” of the “Ouah” clan. Clueless.

And on the right corner of the card though, she’s noted what a “kongsi” is. It means company, a company of people in the same clan from China and they gather all together for protection.

In another small envelope, along with some paper goods, I also found these hand-made cut outs of Malay words translated in English at the back of each cut. So, you see not only did I get amazing gifts but I am also learning a few of their common words.

This special wooden bookmark is another one of her unique gifts, it is hand-painted and I am so partial to everything original and hand-made.

In this tiny Marukami little pocket are tea from the Cameron Highland and is said to be one of their best tea plantations in Malaysia and these little white pepper packets came from Sabah or Sarawak and is a common ingredient in Malaysian home cooking.

​I can’t wait for the right time when I can use these kitchen goodies.

And lastly, she’s also shared her unique calligraphy through her letter to me. It really was awesome reading this one-of-a-kind pages and it really blew my mind and touched my heart.

I can tell how much love she’s put in making all these and I like how personalized everything is. I also know that making mails can take time so kudos to you my little Malaysian friend.

​Thank you so much Xinning, you are loved by this Californian friend. Xo.


  1. You’re so lucky to have a pen pal who puts that much thought into her mailings 🙂


  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful mailing! 🙂 I LOVE the idea of sharing a language by making such cute little word cut-outs, and her calligraphy is absolutely beautiful. Everything is so lovely!

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    • yes, she is a very creative young woman… I always look forward to her mails. Thanks for the visit. 😊


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