Art Journal

Simple doodle journal 

Simplify. This was what I was hearing when I started the year with an art retreat journey. It may also be an after effect of months of meditation.

This word may mean different things to others but to me, it is having serenity and clarity that may come from silence and quiet contemplation and a lot lot more like getting rid of extraneous things. Most importantly, it is to me at this point in my life, to create more simple art. Black and white on grid paper. Being known by peers on Instagram as a mixed media mail artist, this is quite a challenge to me. I play with colors so beautifully and making simple black and white journal… what? yes, I am doing it because it is what my soul is craving for right now.

And for this reason, I started a weekly food and drink journal on my Travelers Notebook free diary grid insert. I chose food and drink because it is an appealing subject and attractive and seriously, I haven’t known someone who does not love food.

I also practice on my Midori A5 grid notebook. I love the idea that I can just doodle anything that is in my head or when inspiration pops up in the middle of a day or before going to bed. Also, you can see that there is a hint of quirkiness to my doodles because I am not aiming for realism here.

Heart and floral inspired (2/14/2016)

Tea inspired (2/16/2016)

I am so happy that I listened to what my heart was sayung and jumped on into this project and hoping that my doodles will eventually evolve and I am also thinking of honing in my watercoloring skills. To me, this is something to look forward to.


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