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Incoming and Outgoing Mails from March

Looking back at some of my March incoming and outgoing mails, it seems that I have slowed down because I only managed to send and get a few mails. At the back of my mind, I wanted it to be like this though, to only write when I want to and to not feel obliged to write back immediately. I want this snail mail hobby to be fun and happier because we call it “happy mails” for a reason. And I really don’t mind if I don’t get mails every day of the week. 🙂

But before I get too wordy, let me share already what I have received and sent.

Photo Mar 12, 11 13 22 AM

Lunar New Year mails from a few of my regular Asian friends

Photo Mar 22, 10 20 08 AM
More mails from good old friends, from way back when the snail mail community in Instagram first flourished in early 2013. I am just so happy that we’ve maintained the friendships over the years. We send to each other every now and then, does not necessarily follow the “you send me and I reply to you” rule. We send to each other randomly throughout the year.

Here are a couple of mails that I’ve managed to send to Italy and to two friends in Canada.

Photo Mar 06, 10 26 22 AM
I am not sure if the postman gets the pun but I am having tons of fun adding these yoga stickers that I personally made in every mail I send.

Photo Mar 06, 2 52 16 PM
I love the newer stamp release because they just fit my mail art. These are sets that a floral stamp collector should covet.

Photo Mar 12, 12 48 23 PM
And before the month ended, I also managed to share a few paper collection by Flow with a very special friend in Taiwan for her birthday.

I will make it a point though to send a few mails every month. I have a lot of promised mails to do and I am working on them one at a time and I am sure I will get to post one at a time as well. So, please be patient with me my dear friends.


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