Pretty Snail Mail

Incoming and Outgoing Mails for April

Hello everyone, here’s a little update of all the mail art that I’ve so far received and sent for this month.

Photo Apr 27, 11 04 10 AM
This incoming mail is from one of my best and favorite pen pals in Malaysia. She sent me these cute tags which I will probably be using on my Travelers Notebook free diary insert. And since we are both Buddhists, she’s made sure to pick up some postcards for me when she visited Cambodia a few months ago.
Photo Apr 27, 10 25 31 AM
Another beautiful incoming is from my long time pen friend Michelle from Arizona. She is one of the kindest friends I’ve ever met on IG and I am so thankful for the friendship that we’ve built for three years now.

Even if I am not sure on how to use this just yet, still I am so in love with the personalized pages in this mini zine. I really truly appreciate friends who send me original works of art and that’s what I enjoy doing too, sending them small pieces of my art.


I felt inspired to send a few mails to old acquaintances and to some new ones too and for that I feel so proud of myself. 😀

Photo Apr 10, 4 07 54 PM
Batik inspired hand drawn postcard for a new friend in Indiana.

Photo Mar 24, 4 23 23 PM
A few postcards for my regular postcard pals in Australia, Malaysia and China.

Photo Apr 11, 3 05 10 PM
Air mail themed hand-made folded card for Michelle in Arizona plus self-stamped ephemera on Kraft paper.

Photo Apr 16, 5 02 29 PM
Another mixed media hand-made folded card for Nats in Japan.

Photo Apr 22, 6 59 18 AM
Washi woven hand-made folded card for N, it’s actually a mail art still in progress.

Photo Apr 04, 10 48 51 AM
And yet another mail art in progress.

Hope you all enjoyed looking at these small works of art. And if you’re ever on IG, please don’t hesitate to say hello and leave some love for me out there at @namastechick.  See yah!


  1. Beautiful! A form of art rarely seen in this day and age. Yours to keep forever. Lovely!


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