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Spiritual Journal using a Smash Folio

For a year or so now, I have picked a lot of this free Meditation and Health magazine from the many Taiwanese restaurants or stores in my area that I have kept them for so long, adding to the clutter of magazines and thought that it was time to throw them away. I can’t understand Chinese anyway, I said to myself.

I then realized later on why I should make characters that does not make sense be an obstacle to my learning and understanding. So, I decided to cut them as I went through each magazine and searched and researched what they were trying to tell.

DSCN3658So, here are the pages that I’ve done so far.

I also used one of the smash folios that I have kept all these years. They have very nice pages and good substrate to start with. I don’t need to add textures like what I usually do with my mixed media art journals. And in keeping the journal more doable, I just technically do a simple cut and paste, some lettering and write something about what the photos speak. I get to learn something new each time I do an entry and in a more fun and artsy style. This is why I love to incorporate spirituality with my art journey.

Art is a great way to redeem my soul, I’d say.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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