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Traveler’s Notebook Page Entries for April

I have used my Midori Traveler’s Notebook for years now but I haven’t blogged thoroughly about it and why I love the system so much. For those new to this journal/planner system, this used to be called Midori TN and just recently they are solely called Travelers Company. It is a quality leather planner that has that awesome vintage look. There are two sizes, the regular (220mm x 110mm) and the passport size (165mm x 120mm) and can be filled with inserts that you can interchange as the weeks/months or years pass by. When I first bought this, there was one drawback, you can only use the inserts that was made by this company which is in Japan but since this system has become popular among the journal/planner community, many other companies started to make great versions of the inserts and the leather covers as well which make for a wider options and choice. Of course, there will be slight differences on the leather and paper quality.

File May 03, 12 05 10 PM

My leather covers

I have so far acquired three leather covers, brown passport and the regular size and one Tanzo cover which a friend bought in Korea when she visited. I am looking forward to getting the new camel passport size just because I feel like I needed a new one to bring with me and convert it to wallet/journal/planner.

For this post, I will show you all how I use my regular size and the inserts that I use in it.

Photo May 01, 11 33 03 AM

April monthly view

One of my most favorite inserts is the free monthly calendar (refill 017), it comes with 48 pages that includes world map, blank pages, travel information and one page at the front for a quick glance for your travel plans. I use mine as a list for friends I need to send mails though. 🙂

At the end of each month, I just stick some deco stickers as I see fit and fill some empty spaces with washi tapes. I also love to add quotes, notes on the right part like my wish lists or any other lists that I would always want to be reminded.

Photo Apr 28, 11 13 06 AM

Vertical weekly diary view

Another insert that I usually use is the weekly diary (refill 018). I love how simple yet effective it is for me. You can either use it as a bullet journal or use the time slots or just as a journal. I have seen others use this as a gratitude journal. I use mine as a planner for daily house tasks and for small notes like what I ordered at a coffee shop, when I loved my daily walks, or the weather. The possibilities are endless.

As much as I want the pages to be just neat and minimal, I always feel like adding some washi or stickers on to each page. I have tons of ephemera and paper stuffs that I so want to use up so I could clear my stash and I thought that this is one useful way.

Photo Apr 07, 10 33 07 AM
The third insert that I use is the two month diary grid (refill 005). For me, this is a very pretty and top-notch insert. This can be used in addition to the other two inserts as a page-per-day journal or if you want to do bullet journaling. It has a soft grid lines and the paper can take fountain pens without feathers and does not bleed.

I use mine though as weekly journal, I do collage on it, add pictures that I print from my iPhone and of course art it. I also add quotes from my readings and that’s about it for the week. It’s a pretty easy way to document life.

Photo Apr 07, 10 47 57 AM
Lastly, I use this Kraft insert (refill 014) for my food journal. It is perfect for any glue-in photos and has a very delightful quality paper.

I don’t do entries as often or weekly on this inset. I just want to document the places I went to eat with family or friends because I am a foodie but I am just way too lazy to blog it and food journaling is more fun for me.

For me, the Traveler’s Notebook has all the basic structure that I need in the simplest form. The quality has nothing cheap on them and if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you get a hold of it and touch and feel it for yourself. Of course, the experience is always subjective.

Stay tuned for a post on how I set it up.


  1. All so pretty, you have lovely handwriting and sense of style. I esp love the Dalai Lama quote… His wisdom is amazing. Tfs X


    • Thank you so much! sorry for the late reply, was in digital detox. I do love the Dalai Lama too, he’s so adorable.


    • Thank you… glad to have inspired you. Sorry for the late reply. Was offline the past few days. 🙂


  2. So pretty! I love the size of the inserts. I’ve been trying to find similar sized notebooks to use for journalling but I haven’t had much luck yet.


    • Hi Emma, thanks! you can order the inserts online, either amazon in UK, I believe you’re in Europe eh? or direct from Japan or Asia, there are a couple of sites that ship them worldwide.

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