Doing it Alone: A Meditative Process

From cutting each stamp from the envelope, to soaking them, to pressing each one and categorizing, I find it a peaceful activity most especially when I do this early in the morning with a cup of coffee within reach. It’s like a meditation to me.

Photo Jun 03, 7 44 10 AM

Why do I collect stamps in particular? It all started when I began my postcard collection journey. So, I thought that why not start a stamp collection as well. They go well together anyway. And it makes me reminisce to girl scouting days when I really have to do this to gain another badge on my sash. (*smirks).

It is also the most popular hobby in the world. Stamps represent historical events, people and places. And it’s like visiting exotic places from your own living room or study or anywhere else in the comforts of your home.

Photo Mar 31, 12 38 02 PM

Floral topic

What are the benefits? To me, it is a great way to make friends all over the world and share ideas and get involved in community events. I can also do it alone and spend as much time as I want. I can work on my stamps anytime – rain or shine! Even if it’s a passive hobby, it helps reduce stress and easily gives the feeling of accomplishment. And you will never be done learning in this hobby, it makes learning fun and you might not even realize that you are learning.


Stamps from a best friend in Italia

What is in my collection? There are many ways to collect. One can be a generalist and collect every stamp ever made or specialize in particular area. At this point, I am specifically interested in countries with Buddhists in origin like Tibet (which I don’t have just yet), Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and on one topic – Flora. When I am done with these, I am thinking of moving on to all Asian, African countries and so on. That way building a World Collection will not be as overwhelming as it may seem.


Categorizing by topic

In conclusion, there is much more to stamps that people of any age, any income and any interest can find some aspect of stamp collecting appealing and satisfying. It is also about being passionate and dedicated in everything you do.

In another note, what do you collect? I’ve read that when you do have a special collection, it lessen life’s stresses and lets you live a little longer. (*grins).


  1. Wow .. makes you live longer huh? I really need to get a collection (at my age I can use all the help I can get)! Your stamps are beautiful and its a great idea to have a focus — floral, certain countries — I am sure anyone collecting stamps WILL learn a lot.

    I kind of feel that way about blogging — because I have ‘friends’ from so many different states and countries and I learn something about those places every time I visit. And also learn about different life styles. So, I don’t collect anything because we live in small homes and I don’t need to add more ‘stuff’. , but I do have this hobby that I think keeps my brain active.

    It’s great to learn you are back blogging again — I had lost track of you somehow.


  2. Such a pretty collection! I sort of collect stamps…well, more so when I do swaps and stuff, I cut out the stamps on the packaging and envelopes and stick them into a small notebook because they’re nice to look at sometimes and are a reminder of where I’ve gotten things from.


    • Oh yes, I’ve seen your notebook on IG and I even asked if you collect them stamps. Glad you have you another way of doing the collection. Brilliant idea. 🙂

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      • I don’t think I could properly collect stamps – my mind is too scattered for that, any time I try to focus on collecting one thing I get bored of it and want to move on to something else! So I just collect things by accident 😀


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