Rocky Cola Cafe in Whittier

When you’re experiencing everything that good ol’ Uptown Whittier has to offer, from its vintage shops, to its record stores, to its colorful clientele, it’s easy to work up an appetite. And what better place to fill it at than a good ol’ fashioned 50’s diner?


The food is mostly standard fare– nothing to write home about, nothing particularly impressive. Maybe this means my palette is not the most discerning or maybe it just means that I like to have fun!

Each table has a little jukebox that you put money into, select a song, and wait for it to come on the restaurant’s main sound system.


Rocky Cola tends to attract a rockabilly crowd, many folks with tattoos, punk kids hanging out in the neighborhood, as well as families. It’s sort of great equalizer.


I love Rocky Cola, even if it’s not the best food in the world. As long as there’s fun stuff to do in Uptown Whittier, I couldn’t imagine eating anywhere else while I’m there! This isn’t a place that you would seek out and drive far to come to, but if you’re around the area it’s definitely a good place to come for a snack or breakfast.


    • Thank you Lisa, I loved it too… it was amazing to see these little gems, especially in this digital world we live in right now.


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