Slow Walking

Hiking at Arroyo Pescadero Trail in Whittier

The Arroyo Pescadero Trail is part of the Puente Hills Preserve which happens to be a large area set aside by the Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority as mitigation for the landfill.

There are three trails to pick from when you’re here: one’s a loop called the Arroyo Pescadero with about 180 feet elevation and the other is just a trail, Arroyo San Miguel Trail, with a dead-end which is about 2.0 mile also with at least 300 feet elevation and the one that’s facing west is the short .60 mile Deer Loop.


Enjoying the view of Whittier  and on clear days you can see all the way to the ocean.


Not a lot of shade and it’s also a horse trail so we have to watch out for horse mines.


For the most part, the trail is either dirt or gravel. There are a few spots that are paved  and they look like they used to be old service roads.

View from the Arroyo San Miguel trail, when you reach the top from the parking area at around 100 yards, you either take the one that is straight ahead of you or you turn to the left which will lead you to the Arroyo San Miguel trail.


The tunnel that you go through under  Colima Road and around the path to the east. Also just beyond that tunnel is where you will find the opposite side of San Miguel trail.

After doing the Arroyo Pescadero loop, we took another trail, Deer Loop which is an extra .60 mile in addition to the 2.0 mile that we already did.

This place is pretty nice minus the bees, bugs, and dust, but if you’re a nature person like me you probably will be cool with these kinds of stuffs.


I have passed by this place a thousand times and I never knew that there was a light hiking trail  at this park and I can say that this is a pretty decent place. I love the Spring flowers, the cacti, the view on top of the loop and the tunnel that looks so creepy at first but makes for a wonderful photo. I am not sure though if I would go by myself because it feels real secluded. This part of the Puente Hills Preserve is what we call a lazy trail loop, not much of a workout, not much to do but just walk and if you want to pump up  your exercise, you can do so by jogging lightly.

Note: Trail access is on the west side of Colima Road across from Murphy Ranch Field, entrance will be on your left if you are coming from Mar Vista or Whittier.  It can be quite difficult to find the entrance to the parking especially if you are coming down from Colima from Hacienda Heights. A quick landmark will be a couple of lush green trees on your right and you will see the entrance gate a few yards before the trees, so you might want to slow down as you get close even if it means pissing off the drivers behind you. 😀