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Incoming and Outgoing Mails for the month of June

Hello everyone!

First, I must apologize for the very long absence (again) here on WP. Life has taken over again and to top it all, I was having headaches every time I went online or read or wrote a letter and making art even. I thought I was having some eye problems that I needed to visit the eye doctor again. Long story short, all the eye examinations were normal and no eye grade changes since last year. Although everything were found to be normal, I was still bothered with headaches every morning, only to find out that the coffee I was drinking every day was way too strong for my system. I estimated it that one cup was equal to 7 cups, so, imagine myself putting all those caffeine in my body everyday for so many weeks and it got me worried because I was at a point when I would have shortness of breath and couldn’t sleep without layers of pillows on my back to support me. I was literally sleeping half upright. Lesson learned, don’t drink too much coffee. 😀

Anyway, here are a couple of my June mails, I know it’s late but this is a blog where I want my mails accounted for.


I didn’t get as much mails this month and I do understand because I have only resumed sending mails a couple of months ago. It will take time before they keep coming.

From Anna in Santa Monica and from a new penpal, Jeanny in Korea

The happy content of what Anna sent me. Overall, this was a very satisfying mail swap. I’ve already used up some of the ephemera that she has sent me.

From Dasha in Russia

This just a small idea of what she’s sent me. I loved everything in the envelope and I consider this to be one worthy mail swap.

From Desiree in The Netherlands

Like what I’ve said in my Instagram, I’ve never received an elephant themed mail this huge. I also don’t know whether to use these ephemera on my art journals or to just hoard them. 😀


As always, I do want to send happy mails each time and by that I meant inside and out.

I sent these mails early in June to my long time friends in The Netherlands, Canada and Italy.  I enjoyed making the envelopes, a combination of what I really love – colors and vintage.

Here are a couple of promised mails from March. I finally got to send these to Thailand and Sri Lanka. As of today, they are now working on a reply mail for me and like a child, I can’t wait for it.

And in the middle of it all, I still managed to make these handmade silhouette series of postcards. All sent to a few friends who I thought would love to have it.

Lastly, I worked on this reply mail for a penpal in Belgium who loves Kawaii stuffs. It was my first time making a mini flip book and made it the best way I could – Kawaii kinda vintage style. I am glad she love it.

Thank you for reading and looking at my mail art works. Next will be July mails, stay tuned. Ciao.


  1. My goodness, both incoming and outgoing are just beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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