Zen Self-Help Tips from Zen Miracles

I always find Zen books refreshing to read. They speak simply with as little words possible, yet conveying the truths to the reader clearly. Zen Miracles is one such book. Even if I didn’t learn anything new about Zen, it is a welcomed encouragement to the practice. Zen teachings after all are learned not from a teacher, but from oneself. I recommend this book for its simple exercises in Zen living. I find them highly amusing, mostly because they always target my laziness right on the spot.

At the end of the book, some guidelines were given as companions to living. I’m going to repeat them here, mostly to show you that this is a kind of self-help Zen book.

  • Do not lean on others. Do not lean on anything.
  • Keep your back straight at all times. Your spine connects heaven and earth. Honor it.
  • Loneliness is an unwillingness to communicate freely with all of creation. Remedy this.
  • Do not puff yourself up and put others down. We are all treading on the same earth.
  • This particular breath will not come again. Pay attention to it.
  • We cannot stop the noise, but we can stop ourselves. We can accept the noise.
  • What you are at this moment contains the whole message of what you were.
  • You can never see anything worse than yourself.
  • Place after place is the right place.
  • Don’t put a head on your own head. What’s wrong with your own?
  • Going somewhere doesn’t take you anywhere else.
  • Doing nothing is more than enough. Flowers grow on their own.



  1. Doing nothing is more than enough. Flowers grow on their own. WOW! love this!


  2. This sounds like a great book, and I love these quotes from it.
    Especially the last one! 🙂
    Happy day to you, my friend.

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