Walking As If In A Dream

I dreamt about walking. I was walking downtown, looking for the Cathay Pacific Air office so I could get my reserved plane ticket. I was walking, but wasn’t sure where their office was. And I thought, I am walking aimlessly.

Then I was walking at the airport. I was carrying my bag, and I was walking with many people, we were walking inside the building, ready to board our plane. It was an international flight. I was “mindful” of my walking, I could see my feet walking, other people’s feet walking, I could hear everyone’s footsteps as we walked on the carpeted floor. I could see everything disappearing from my view as I walked past them. I was walking, and I thought, I have seen this in my mind before. And now it’s happening.

This afternoon, I was reading an article “Making Each Moment Meaningful”. I was dozing off, until I realized that I was reading about walking. What woke me up was when I read this part: Walking As If In A Dream. I went back to the part of the article where I had lost sense of it.

It said:

“No matter how long you walk, as long as you walk mindfully, it all becomes lam-rim, it all becomes a remedy to ignorance, a sword to cut the root of samsara, the root of all suffering.”

“When you meditate that everything is like a dream, no matter what you see—the various shapes of people’s bodies or the billions of other phenomena that you designate as ugly or beautiful—you know there is nothing to cling to, nothing to get angry at, because there is nothing to hold onto; in your heart you know that they don’t exist.” – Lama Zopa Rinpoche


  1. This was such an interesting, thought provoking post. What is a dream, and what is it to be truly mindful? xo


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