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Spring Cleaning and the Many Distractions

As I cleaned and discarded useless stuff I’ve collected over the years, I came across my old cassette tape player and what was left of my old cassette tape collection (I’m totally digital by now, but didn’t realize I had kept a few). I cleaned the player, tried the knobs and one fell off 😀 but I got it back to working again. I sat back and listened to Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, and Deep Forest while drinking my ice-cold tea. Jewel’s songs didn’t sound depressing as they used to. Nor did Sarah McLachlan’s. Deep Forest reminded me how excited I was those days to hear ethnic music being mixed with techno. That was before God created club dj’s. Deep Forest music is not a “mix”, it’s a merging of two different times, two cultures, two expressions. That was what their music was about. Eventually, I’m throwing all these magnetic and analog stuff out, (erm… but not my art stuffs, yet!) I wonder who still uses cassette tapes..

As I listened to Four Seasons as interpreted by Vanessa Mae (still experimenting with my old cassette tapes), I patted myself on the back for successfully clearing my kitchen counter which now has only my coffeemaker and oven toaster on top. I have gotten rid of everything else, even my beloved “ingredients” which I like to collect. Now I have only sugar, tea, and cream on the shelf (I keep my coffee in the fridge). And no, I don’t eat anymore (joke).

I also admired my two desks, both looked amazingly bare. There was nothing on them anymore, no papers, no stacked folders, no notebooks, no half-opened books, no half-finished works, no post-it notes… nothing messy, that is. Tomorrow I attack my closet. The day after that, my bookshelves. I’m unstoppable.. When the moon is out (I’m glad it’s not out this week): delete! delete! delete!

I’m a bit late this year, I should have done my “Spring” cleaning at the beginning of the year. I’m gaining momentum though, so maybe by the end of the week, I’ll be done with my to-hell list. My rule: Keep only what I use, and my goal is to live simply. If life were digital, I’d have deleted a lot of my stuff by now. Maybe even my life. Erm… files.

Now, if I can only figure out how to untangle the magnetic tape that got tangled in the player’s head…

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  1. I need a bit of spring cleaning at home too. It’s amazing how cluttered our home has become since our last big clean up – that was only 12 months ago! I always feel like I can breathe deeper when there is less stuff around me


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