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My Journaling Week at a Glance

Hello everyone! It’s been days or weeks since I last posted about my journals. I am now logged out on all other social media networks, so, I thought of sharing them here.

I decided to join a doodle challenge for this month since I have this one last page on my regular Traveler’s Notebook monthly insert that I didn’t have any use for, doodling on it seemed fitting because it would be a shame if I don’t finish this insert before I put it in the archives.

And then I got this two new Taroko insert in passport sizes and decided to use one for my mini lists, because why not? I love making lists!

On my weekly passport sized insert is where I write to-do’s, errands, and reminders for the week. The lists are not specific to the days/dates.

On my weekly Midori Notebook is a simple journaling of my days.

I am ready for June’s calendar page on my Midori B6 Slim notebook.

I always do art on my pages a week or days ahead before a new week comes in, that I way, I won’t be so behind. All I need to do is add the entries effortlessly.

This week’s gratitude journal is kinda unique. I usually make everything work even when I make mistakes but I really messed the original spread big time, enough for me to cover everything. This will be a great reminder in the future that I need to be more mindful, but really… I don’t mind at all that this turned out differently as I have imagined.

This is how my gratitude journal spread looks like for the incoming week. I added watercolor splatter so that the area where I write on will blend with the art that I made on the right page.

And that is all for last week’s journals.

Thank you for reading and for stopping by. I may not be on Instagram for a while because as predicted by many when it got sold to FB owner years back, it has literally become Facebook already. And by that, I mean a lot of show-offs. I am not saying that everyone has become one, but to me, I just want to focus on sharing my art projects, art journals, mail art, and snail mails in a simpler way, without the distractions of the many “brand” stationery show-offs and temptations. Of course, the experience is always subjective. I just thought that the time has come for me to slow down before I get sucked up.  


  1. I love the way your journal looks!
    I love the doodles and drawings, and it is so cheerful and colorful.
    Thank you for sharing it here!
    Have a wonderful week.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A. BC says

    Thank you for sharing. I love what you are doing and looks like it is a wonderful pastime. I am inspired by all these.:)

    Liked by 1 person


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