Untold Stories

A Kindergarten’s Story

When I was in kindergarten, one of my elder cousins who was in high school would drop me off at my school, (my elder sisters & cousins would take turns in bringing me to school ‘coz we lived in the same complex) and while we were walking she would teach me stuff she’d learned herself, like an elder is supposed to. Like, “don’t shave your arms or your eyebrows next time, just the legs” or “don’t cut your bangs yourself, you won’t get it straight even if you use a ruler, reflections are elusive, now you look like a cat with that remaining fluff.” Followed with a giggle. For more practical stuff “when you’re grown up like me, and they give you those IQ tests and you don’t know the answer, always choose (b) because that’s where they statistically put the correct answers.” One morning while we were waiting for our ride, I was incessantly asking her question after question, she sighed and said that she had been talking with her best friend (a psychologist now), and they had been discussing something puzzling. She then told me her most important lesson to me, at 5 yrs old: “If you can connect with your Unconscious, you would be a genius.” And I asked, “what’s a unconscious? what’s a genius?” And she answered, “The unconscious is where all the answers to your questions are, and a genius can access all those answers by connecting to it.” I asked, but how do you connect to your unconscious? She answered, that’s what we’re trying to find out. I declared then, “I want to be a genius, too, and find that connection to the unconscious.” She laughed and actually said to me, “Good, but first, learn to read.”

This morning, I was reading at one of my friend’s posts about the Conscious and the Unconscious at being one, which brought me back to that memory when my cousin pointed out the Unconscious and the genius comment. I’m nowhere near genius (I don’t believe in IQ tests and standardizing intelligence), but I do know now that we’re always connected to our Unconscious, which we call by many names. 🙂💕

Hahah… like my friend, just reminiscing… because this moment, I’m very grateful for my weird cousin who first pointed me to my direction, or question. Thank you for reading. 😀🤔

P.S. she’s still the best cousin up to now, the friendship has been the “bestest” (if this is even a word) all through my growing up years. 🙏🏻 (I’m sorry, big sisters). 😹


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