Month: June 2017

Recent Incoming Mails

Hello, my dear friends! Today, I am gonna show you my recent incoming mails. I am so glad that they still keep coming even if I am not that very active on Instagram anymore. And I really appreciate it that they still remember me, I guess that’s how friends should be. I got four beautiful mail in the past week. And it would be shame if I didn’t blog about them. First to come is from Atikah in Malaysia. We’ve been friends for four and half years now, she’s one of the original pals ever since snail mail became popular on IG in 2013. We’ve sent to each other randomly until it became a regular correspondence. She always sends me pretty and unique paper stuffs. I’ve always treasured the goodies she’s been sending me because I can always feel the sincerity and the friendship in them. Now, look at that pretty paper napkin on the first photo. And oh my! those washi samplers? they’re just so adorable, very unique and not so accessible here in …

My Digital Art and Junk Journals

Hello everyone! Here are a couple of my digital creations. I am working on making my own elements so I am kinda slow these days when it comes to making pages. I’ve worked so hard in making my own elements. Soon, they will be available for purchase. This spread uses different kits by Viva Artistry and VRobinson and a couple of self-made elements which will soon be available for purchase on my soon to open Etsy store. Another Field Notes inspired page. I love how simple the spread is, emphasizing both the botanical and butterfly illustrations. Thank you for looking and stopping by.