Month: July 2017

Journal and Planner Pages

Hello my dear friends! I am so sorry for being absent here on my blog the past few weeks. I was so busy with a project that I needed to finish at the end of June and I just could not squeeze blogging even if I meant to. Let’s just say that this is a pretty lame excuse for being  ‘a not so great blogger.’ 😀 Excuses aside, what I would like to share to you all in this post are my past journal and planner pages. My process has become simpler and quick and that is just the way I wanted it to be. No fussing or perfecting everything. Wabi-sabi, as what the Japanese call it. On my passport Traveler’s Notebook Like I said before, the tasks, lists, reminders, and to-do’s are not really date specific, they’re there to give me an idea on what I need to do on that week because I have a separate daily planner where I can list and track my progress each day. On my regular Traveler’s Notebook This …

I Have Arrived

Today, I’m very much grateful that I made notes of my teacher’s teachings (the one that passed away last year). As I read through them, I’m happy to see that knowing she was talking to a stubborn 30s me, that I can understand now what she was teaching, amazing me even more at the depth of her knowledge/wisdom. Sometimes I’d accuse her of being too harsh, and she’d say “I have toned down. I have nowhere near given you what I’m capable of.” Hahah, true. I’m grateful that I have ‘arrived’ at where she wanted me to be or see. There is always a repetition of “be” where you are, wherever and whatever I find myself in. And even if for a few minutes I indulged in missing her, acknowledging that she’s really gone, the feeling went away fast when I got distracted by a call and now there is only gratitude for more chances of learning and sharing and living and loving in this life, this body. Much love to you my friends. ♥♥