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Hello once again my dear WP friends! First, late but never too late, let me greet you all a Happy 2015 and hope that everyone is off to a good start. Life happened thus the very long absence here although I have been more present on IG. And also, I have resolved to just stick to this one blog and post or update here as often as I can. So, yay to me! 🙂

Sanamluang Café

If you love Thai Cuisine, then this place might be just for you. I always feel as if I’m eating real comfort food and so far I have never been disappointed. I especially love their salted fish fried rice and I keep going back for that reason alone. That spicy sauce is so good! And their sticky rice with mango is a dream. I think the service is good considering how busy they are. Just ask, and you will get what you want. I can overlook the orange plastic plates because the food is fantastic. Located in Pomona means you will find it in a most ghetto area. As the cliché goes, don’t judge a book by its looks

sweet little things

Today is my daughter’s 15th birthday but we gave her party over the weekend so family and friends can come. And this is also why I was so partly busy… because of the pretty little things I’ve made for the kids and adults too.  There were more real foods but I don’t want to bomb your dashboards with loads of calories, there is enough in here already.

home cooking

Some of you may have known by now that I “sometimes” love to cook, so here’s a few of them. Some are easy and quick to do, the one I love most is the pan-grilled fish fillet, it’s so so easy with a very simple taste. 🙂 And just leave a message if you want to know how, I’m just too lazy to write all the steps here today. If you click or just hover your cursor on the photos, you’ll see the name for each one. Today’s coffee: at home again with a lightly roasted Pumpkin spice – sweet & spiced with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. I don’t think it went well with my choice of pancakes. The tastes just got all mixed up. lol. And yes, I’m still so lucky to have found a few Manila mangoes sold at an Asian store.

friday food truck

Participating food trucks gather over at a nearby mall for festivities, they come every first Friday of the month and it was my first to go. I first felt squeamish with the idea since I have a weak stomach but I braved it and ordered a few specialties. We tried quesadillas, cheesy fries and some tapa, they were all good and it didn’t do me bad at all. So, I guess I’d be going every now and then. I am thinking that the weak stomach might just have been in my mind. 🙂 Today’s coffee: at home with my coffee milk tea, a good and just the exact mix of coffee and tea. Very nice and smooth. I am feeling a little bit sentimental over my mom’s death, I could just recall how the pain felt when I learned about it. Today is the 11th anniversary and I just said a very simple and short prayer for her. Thanks Ma.

halloween cheesecake sandwich

Here’s another recipe you can make for your Halloween party. It’s also simple to do. This recipe makes at least 20 pieces. What you need: 8 oz cream cheese, softened 4 tbsp. sugar 2 cups thawed “cool whip” whipped toppings or any brand of your choice 40 chips ahoy real chocolate chip cookies (I found a Halloween themed chips ahoy in Albertsons) orange and/or black sprinkles 3 Easy Steps: BEAT cream cheese & sugar in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until it is well blended. Stir in whipped topping. COVER bottom (flat) side of each 20 cookies with about 2 tbsp. of the cream cheese mixture; top each with second cookie, bottom side down, to form a sandwich. Dip half of each sandwich in sprinkles and gently shake of excess. Place in single layer in an airtight container. FREEZE for 3 hours or until firm. And store leftover in freezer. Kids will love this for sure.