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Monthly Subscription: Sticky Kit vs Stickii Club

Hey everyone! Today, I want to show you all what I got from Sticky Kit and Stickii Club, they’re both monthly subscriptions for stickers (as you can tell by their names), they’re trending on Instagram and I  was so curious what the hype was all about, so… I went on ahead and subscribed to both. 😅

Let me show you a couple of photos then…

First is by Sticky Kit, they ship from Japan and the price for sticker subscription is $12.99 +$2 shipping. It comes with 3-4 sticker sheets, 1 set of flake stickers, and 1 set of stationery, like memo sheets, for this month at that.

Next is by Stickii Club, they ship from California, at $10.00 per month and because I live in California as well, a .96 cents tax was added to my bill but the good thing is, it ships free to within US addresses. The envelope came with 6 sticker sheets, 1 set flake stickers, 1 thin metal bookmark, and a piece of postcard.

And here’s the unboxing video:

Honestly, I was not really sure if I will like what I will get, it’s also the main reason it took me this long to get into this kit subscriptions. I am glad I did and experienced it for myself. I just needed to be accepting of what is and make use of whatever I get. If there are items that I don’t like, then I’ll probably just give it as a gift to my little cousins or I can share them with my pen friends. 💌

I’ll give it another month and see how well I will like their December kits and will decide later on if I will cancel or continue with the subscriptions. Meanwhile, I am going to use stickers on my planners and journals like crazy. 😂

Jibun Techo Biz Mini

Hello everyone! I know, I know… It’s been a while.

Anyway, I’m here to show you and with excitement… my 2018 planner, the Jibun Techo by Kokuyo. I only recently found about it when I was about to buy the Traveler’s Notebook 2018 weeks inserts at Jet Pens’ shop, but this Jibun looked so promising, minimalist, and looked so functional. So, I decided to give it a try and went on ahead with my purchase.

I tell you all… I was so in love right out of the box because it was just how I imagined it to be –smooth paper, a lot of lists pages, light weight, thin, and a lot, lot of functions and possibilities. Okay, let me show you why I am so excited about this.

Even if the description and instructions are in Japanese, they are pretty easy to figure out. It has a lot of ‘lists’ pages like dreams or life goals, money plan, recommendations, promises, gifts, books, etc.

It has a 3 year calendar and a yearly index. I usually use this for mails sent & received and for birthdays and anniversaries. I also liked that it has a habit tracker which I can use for tracking my meditation, healing, walking, coffee habits at the local cafe, spending, social network updates, etc. You can track up to 12 habits in a month. Cool. 😊

The monthly pages starts on December 2017 and runs up to Mar 2019. It has a mood tracker, 3 months calendar on the right bottom part, and lists on the left side.

And the weekly pages are the best part. It has a 24 hour time management, from midnight to midnight 😀 . It also has a weather tracker, moon phases, a tiny space for a short note, a mood tracker (again!), and a morning, afternoon, or evening schedule at a glance or it can also be used for meal planning, and a weekly “to do” lists on the left side of the spread.

And on the back part, it has a couple of blank (grid) pages, a looking back to 2018 and personal data pages.

For more visuals and a quick flip through of the pages and its features, please watch the video below.

Thanks for reading and for watching and I hope I won’t forget to show you all in a month or next year on how I used it.

Aliexpress Sticker Haul: Hit or Miss?

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to share to you all my $27.00 worth of sticker haul from Aliexpress. Yes! I said $27 only for this much of stickers, which usually cost twice or thrice the price on ____ or ____. 😀

Label stickers

Planner/Journal Stickers

Everything was great except for a box of label stickers that contained damaged items. The seller suggested that I open a dispute so she can send a refund on the item cost but I told her that it was okay since the item cost was less than dollar. And with that, she kindly offered to send me the same item on my next purchase with them.

All the items were of good quality, of course, not at par with Japanese made stationery but for the price, what can you expect? It’s not that bad, really. I mean, if I am using it for planners or journals only, then going cheap sometimes is not a bad idea because, seriously… why not? I’m not about to make a masterpiece here. 😀

Watch the video below for more visuals of the items that I’ve purchased.

If you’ve never heard of Aliexpress yet, let me tell you a little about them. Aliexpress is an online shopping site that was made under the world known Alibaba Group. In short, Aliexpress is a site for the small to medium entrepreneurs/wholesalers in China and some Chinese countries in SE Asia and for retailers around the world, without charging membership fees for both parties, unlike Alibaba which charges a membership fee for both.

I have purchased many items from Aliexpress since 2012 and most of them were successful. If there ever were transactions that I felt unhappy with, everything was resolved between me and the seller and I was always sent a full or partial refund depending on the case opened. But remember, the experience is always subjective. I suggest that if you ever do shopping with Aliexpress though, that you MUST always check a seller’s credibility because things can go wrong even with a 99% rating, it can happen in any online store. Also, I don’t suggest that you buy electronics or any stuffs that are quite pricey and it’s always a “shop at your own risk” when it comes to Aliexpress.

Some helpful tips:

– Like I’ve said earlier, check seller’s ratings and reviews.
–  Don’t ever save your payment details. It’s always best not to in any online shopping.
– If you are ever doubtful of an item, don’t buy it. Period.
– Don’t confirm the delivery of an item/s just yet, not until you have inspected and everything is in accordance to the seller’s description.
– Do not confirm delivery yet, especially if you are not happy with the item/s. Contact the seller right away and if not helpful, open a dispute. They usually try to avoid disputes because it takes down points/rates against them. This idea is usually what I hold on to. (evil grin)
– Never hesitate to ask or contact the seller about an item you are eyeing for and be sure to keep that conversation until all transactions with the seller are successful.
– Always take note of the size, material, and descriptions.
– Check for item feedback/reviews.
– Never give out your paypal account when a seller offers a refund. Refunds are usually done by Aliexpress itself when a decision has been reached after filing a dispute (Aliexpress does not release your payment to seller, not until you are happy with the item you have received).
– Always keep an eye out of the shipping/tracking and the seller protection expiry.
– It’s always best to communicate with seller before buying and see how they respond even to small questions. This is how I gauge customer service.
– If possible, always ask for ePacket shipping (to the US), especially when you specify that you’ll be buying more from them, with at least $15 to $20 worth or more of items. Mostly, they are friendly and helpful.
– Lastly, be a smart/wise buyer. Always. Anywhere.

Good luck if you ever decide to shop from them. 😀

Little Tokyo, Again!

I love coming here because of the many cool restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and for the stationery stores.

Little Tokyo Mall, located at the heart of Little Tokyo is on 1st St, has a bunch of small shops, a bit pricey but there’s another reason I like coming here, it is as clean as Downtown Los Angeles gets. There are also a lot of great food spots in and around the area such as sushi, bento, bakery, ramen, etc. Pretty much any Japanese foods.

And right at the corner of Astronaut E Onizuka and 2nd Streets, is another plaza that is full of Japanese shops, and one of my favorite shops here is Kinokuniya, a book/stationery store. I’ve come here to check Frixion pens, Japanese ballpoint pens, and really cute notebooks, and whether they already have the 2018 Hobonichi planners/journals, but seems like they don’t carry it anymore. Anyway, I enjoyed browsing through their shelves, as always, because they really have exceptional products.

We had  lunch at Orochon Ramen after a little shopping at Kinokuniya. Ordered two kinds of ramen, one in salt based broth topped with cha-shu pork slice and the other one in soy broth also topped with cha-shu pork slice, both served with thin pork slices, black mushrooms, bell peppers, bamboo, and Tokyo Negi.

Orochon Ramen

Before heading home, we tried to visit this Buddhist Temple but it was already closed when we got here. 😦

Koyasan Buddhist Temple

My stationery haul for that short visit

From Kinokuniya

1 pack of A5 Midori light grid notebooks
1 pack of B6 slim Midori light grid notebooks
Mon Carnel Journal
2 Frixion clicker pens, 0.5mm in blue and black
2 Frixion slim pens, .38mm in blue and grayish black
Frixion pen refills, .38mm in black
1 Sarasa clip pen, 0.4mm in black
Pottering cat stamp (writing)
Chignon cat stamp
Kodomo No Kao Hana stamp
Pal Stamp set – cats

From Bun Ka Do, Inc

It is always fun to visit this little place in downtown Los Angeles. It’s something not to be missed if you love Japanese food and stuffs.

New Mini Happy Planner

New notebook for the new season!

For many years now, I have meant to try one of these Happy Planner notebooks by Me and My Big Ideas. I finally gave in when I saw them affordably sold at Michael’s for $19.00+, less 50% off because of store coupons that I regularly get in my mail.

These planners have a lot of cover and insert designs to choose from but I liked this “You Got This” style most, mainly for its neutral colors. I wanted something simple so that I can easily decorate the pages without having to worry of any designs that are already on them.


Covers size – 5.125” x 7.5”
Pages size – 4.5” x 7″
1 Reminders page per month for birthdays, etc.
2 pages monthly spread per month
2 pages weekly spread per month, all days get the same amount of planning space
1  lined Notes page, last part of the notebook

It also has dividers, some treated with foil and each one has a laminated tab where you can put on the ‘months’ stickers that came with the notebook.

The monthly spreads start on a Sunday, which doesn’t make sense to me since the weekly spreads start on a Monday. This totally got me confused whether they wanted to follow the US or Asia start of the week. Nevertheless, I liked how these pages are clean, simple, and minimal.

What really compelled me to buy this is its great size which is perfect for most of my purses or handbags, not that I will be carrying this most of the time, but for when there will be a need for me to do so. Also, for its laminated covers which seem to be fairly sturdy as long as you don’t throw or toss it around too much.

It’s also my first time to use a notebook with a disc bound system, so, I am not really sure for now if I will use it with a new set of page refill once the current ones are full. What I am thinking, though, is that this notebook size would be great for bullet journaling using a grid or dot paper.

If you are thinking of buying one of these Happy Planner notebooks, you may want to check their website here to see which design you would like to have before heading to your crafts store because these notebooks are fairly sealed and it is kinda hard to see what’s inside.

*I am not in any way affiliated with the company. 😀

Journal and Planner Pages

Hello my dear friends! I am so sorry for being absent here on my blog the past few weeks. I was so busy with a project that I needed to finish at the end of June and I just could not squeeze blogging even if I meant to. Let’s just say that this is a pretty lame excuse for being  ‘a not so great blogger.’ 😀

Excuses aside, what I would like to share to you all in this post are my past journal and planner pages. My process has become simpler and quick and that is just the way I wanted it to be. No fussing or perfecting everything. Wabi-sabi, as what the Japanese call it.

On my passport Traveler’s Notebook

Monthly view

Week 20

Like I said before, the tasks, lists, reminders, and to-do’s are not really date specific, they’re there to give me an idea on what I need to do on that week because I have a separate daily planner where I can list and track my progress each day.

On my regular Traveler’s Notebook

Week 21

This page, uhmmm… well, there’s a story to that. I was trying to create a kinda vintage but shimmery page but I overdid the shimmering, so I just left it like that.

On my B6 Slim Midori Notebook (Weekly)

Monthly view

I will only be showing excerpts, quotes actually that I added on some pages.

Lastly, I would like to thank Kristina in Serbia for sending me that wood button (from photo below) in her latest mail for me. I have been eyeing on the Yosegi quilted work originally made by Traveler’s Factory but it seemed so difficult to get a hold of one and this button is just the perfect bling for my Olive TN. So, thanks so much, my dear friend.

And that wraps up the half of the year. Here’s to 26 more weeks of new chances!

Thank you for looking and for your patience in reading or browsing through the photos. Until the next post. Namaste.

Recent Incoming Mails

Hello, my dear friends! Today, I am gonna show you my recent incoming mails. I am so glad that they still keep coming even if I am not that very active on Instagram anymore. And I really appreciate it that they still remember me, I guess that’s how friends should be.

I got four beautiful mail in the past week. And it would be shame if I didn’t blog about them.

First to come is from Atikah in Malaysia. We’ve been friends for four and half years now, she’s one of the original pals ever since snail mail became popular on IG in 2013. We’ve sent to each other randomly until it became a regular correspondence.

She always sends me pretty and unique paper stuffs. I’ve always treasured the goodies she’s been sending me because I can always feel the sincerity and the friendship in them.

Now, look at that pretty paper napkin on the first photo. And oh my! those washi samplers? they’re just so adorable, very unique and not so accessible here in the US market. Also, I’ve been secretly coveting those Japanese brand ‘Classiky’ paper pad samplers (third photo), but I never bought them because they are quite pricey when here in the US. (My story about it is found at the last part of a previous post.)

This is what I am always looking forward to — stamped paper using her Chamil Garden stamp collection which is also very interestingly pricey here in the US, ranging from $8-16 for each stamp. You probably can guess why I adore her stamp collection, it’s because these are seldom sold here and not easily accessible to us crafters. What I also liked most is, it’s like we have a silent agreement to send each other stamped paper samplers because I always send her in return stamped papers using my Tim Holtz collection, which according to her is kinda pricey in her country.
And lastly, she always use pretty sets of stamps which I can add to my collection.

Wax seal on Atikah’s envelope

Another mail from Malaysia came in the same week and it is from my favorite little artist friend, XinNing.

First thing that caught my attention is the beautifully made envelope along with the unique and pretty stamps and the wax seal. And the back part of the envelope is equally beautiful as the front.

She always sends me beautiful bits and pieces from her country, or anything that I can use for my journals. What I loved most is the set of Cambodia postcards. They are so pretty and can only make me dream (for now) of visiting the place.

Third mail came from Patty in Illinois. I love the zen illustrations on those bookmarks and some of the vintage ephemera.

And lastly, Kristina in Serbia sent me this wonderful mail with ‘green themed’ stickers because she said, she wished to see me create a page on my journal with greens on it. I thank her because it is also a favorite color and I can’t wait until I am able to do a journal spread using what she’s just sent me.

And for all of these, I thank you all my dear friends for remembering me even when I am not on Instagram these past weeks.