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Journal and Planner Pages

Hello my dear friends! I am so sorry for being absent here on my blog the past few weeks. I was so busy with a project that I needed to finish at the end of June and I just could not squeeze blogging even if I meant to. Let’s just say that this is a pretty lame excuse for being  ‘a not so great blogger.’ 😀

Excuses aside, what I would like to share to you all in this post are my past journal and planner pages. My process has become simpler and quick and that is just the way I wanted it to be. No fussing or perfecting everything. Wabi-sabi, as what the Japanese call it.

On my passport Traveler’s Notebook

Monthly view

Week 20

Like I said before, the tasks, lists, reminders, and to-do’s are not really date specific, they’re there to give me an idea on what I need to do on that week because I have a separate daily planner where I can list and track my progress each day.

On my regular Traveler’s Notebook

Week 21

This page, uhmmm… well, there’s a story to that. I was trying to create a kinda vintage but shimmery page but I overdid the shimmering, so I just left it like that.

On my B6 Slim Midori Notebook (Weekly)

Monthly view

I will only be showing excerpts, quotes actually that I added on some pages.

Lastly, I would like to thank Kristina in Serbia for sending me that wood button (from photo below) in her latest mail for me. I have been eyeing on the Yosegi quilted work originally made by Traveler’s Factory but it seemed so difficult to get a hold of one and this button is just the perfect bling for my Olive TN. So, thanks so much, my dear friend.

And that wraps up the half of the year. Here’s to 26 more weeks of new chances!

Thank you for looking and for your patience in reading or browsing through the photos. Until the next post. Namaste.

I Have Arrived

Today, I’m very much grateful that I made notes of my teacher’s teachings (the one that passed away last year). As I read through them, I’m happy to see that knowing she was talking to a stubborn 30s me, that I can understand now what she was teaching, amazing me even more at the depth of her knowledge/wisdom. Sometimes I’d accuse her of being too harsh, and she’d say “I have toned down. I have nowhere near given you what I’m capable of.” Hahah, true.

I’m grateful that I have ‘arrived’ at where she wanted me to be or see. There is always a repetition of “be” where you are, wherever and whatever I find myself in.

And even if for a few minutes I indulged in missing her, acknowledging that she’s really gone, the feeling went away fast when I got distracted by a call and now there is only gratitude for more chances of learning and sharing and living and loving in this life, this body. Much love to you my friends. ♥♥

Recent Incoming Mails

Hello, my dear friends! Today, I am gonna show you my recent incoming mails. I am so glad that they still keep coming even if I am not that very active on Instagram anymore. And I really appreciate it that they still remember me, I guess that’s how friends should be.

I got four beautiful mail in the past week. And it would be shame if I didn’t blog about them.

First to come is from Atikah in Malaysia. We’ve been friends for four and half years now, she’s one of the original pals ever since snail mail became popular on IG in 2013. We’ve sent to each other randomly until it became a regular correspondence.

She always sends me pretty and unique paper stuffs. I’ve always treasured the goodies she’s been sending me because I can always feel the sincerity and the friendship in them.

Now, look at that pretty paper napkin on the first photo. And oh my! those washi samplers? they’re just so adorable, very unique and not so accessible here in the US market. Also, I’ve been secretly coveting those Japanese brand ‘Classiky’ paper pad samplers (third photo), but I never bought them because they are quite pricey when here in the US. (My story about it is found at the last part of a previous post.)

This is what I am always looking forward to — stamped paper using her Chamil Garden stamp collection which is also very interestingly pricey here in the US, ranging from $8-16 for each stamp. You probably can guess why I adore her stamp collection, it’s because these are seldom sold here and not easily accessible to us crafters. What I also liked most is, it’s like we have a silent agreement to send each other stamped paper samplers because I always send her in return stamped papers using my Tim Holtz collection, which according to her is kinda pricey in her country.
And lastly, she always use pretty sets of stamps which I can add to my collection.

Wax seal on Atikah’s envelope

Another mail from Malaysia came in the same week and it is from my favorite little artist friend, XinNing.

First thing that caught my attention is the beautifully made envelope along with the unique and pretty stamps and the wax seal. And the back part of the envelope is equally beautiful as the front.

She always sends me beautiful bits and pieces from her country, or anything that I can use for my journals. What I loved most is the set of Cambodia postcards. They are so pretty and can only make me dream (for now) of visiting the place.

Third mail came from Patty in Illinois. I love the zen illustrations on those bookmarks and some of the vintage ephemera.

And lastly, Kristina in Serbia sent me this wonderful mail with ‘green themed’ stickers because she said, she wished to see me create a page on my journal with greens on it. I thank her because it is also a favorite color and I can’t wait until I am able to do a journal spread using what she’s just sent me.

And for all of these, I thank you all my dear friends for remembering me even when I am not on Instagram these past weeks.

My Digital Art and Junk Journals

Hello everyone! Here are a couple of my digital creations. I am working on making my own elements so I am kinda slow these days when it comes to making pages.

Buddha Orchid Kit

I’ve worked so hard in making my own elements. Soon, they will be available for purchase.

This spread uses different kits by Viva Artistry and VRobinson and a couple of self-made elements which will soon be available for purchase on my soon to open Etsy store.

Another Field Notes inspired page. I love how simple the spread is, emphasizing both the botanical and butterfly illustrations.

Thank you for looking and stopping by.

A Kindergarten’s Story

When I was in kindergarten, one of my elder cousins who was in high school would drop me off at my school, (my elder sisters & cousins would take turns in bringing me to school ‘coz we lived in the same complex) and while we were walking she would teach me stuff she’d learned herself, like an elder is supposed to. Like, “don’t shave your arms or your eyebrows next time, just the legs” or “don’t cut your bangs yourself, you won’t get it straight even if you use a ruler, reflections are elusive, now you look like a cat with that remaining fluff.” Followed with a giggle. For more practical stuff “when you’re grown up like me, and they give you those IQ tests and you don’t know the answer, always choose (b) because that’s where they statistically put the correct answers.” One morning while we were waiting for our ride, I was incessantly asking her question after question, she sighed and said that she had been talking with her best friend (a psychologist now), and they had been discussing something puzzling. She then told me her most important lesson to me, at 5 yrs old: “If you can connect with your Unconscious, you would be a genius.” And I asked, “what’s a unconscious? what’s a genius?” And she answered, “The unconscious is where all the answers to your questions are, and a genius can access all those answers by connecting to it.” I asked, but how do you connect to your unconscious? She answered, that’s what we’re trying to find out. I declared then, “I want to be a genius, too, and find that connection to the unconscious.” She laughed and actually said to me, “Good, but first, learn to read.”

This morning, I was reading at one of my friend’s posts about the Conscious and the Unconscious at being one, which brought me back to that memory when my cousin pointed out the Unconscious and the genius comment. I’m nowhere near genius (I don’t believe in IQ tests and standardizing intelligence), but I do know now that we’re always connected to our Unconscious, which we call by many names. 🙂💕

Hahah… like my friend, just reminiscing… because this moment, I’m very grateful for my weird cousin who first pointed me to my direction, or question. Thank you for reading. 😀🤔

P.S. she’s still the best cousin up to now, the friendship has been the “bestest” (if this is even a word) all through my growing up years. 🙏🏻 (I’m sorry, big sisters). 😹

My Digital Art and Junk Journals

Hello everyone!

Glad to be able to blog on here again. This time I want to show you the little progress I’m making on my digital art and junk journals. If you hadn’t known, I was into digital scrapbooks many years ago, 2005 to 2009 to be exact, until one day… I thought of why not getting back to traditional scrapbooks and it eventually lead to smash booking, and to art and junk journaling. And now that I am feeling the paper and art material mess, clutter and all… I am re-considering of going digital, probably not all the way this year and in the next two or three years but I am leaning towards that goal. I wish to cut my material possessions and live simpler and with this long-term goal in mind, I am slowly giving away and selling things that I seldom use, and that includes my art materials. 😀

So, here goes:

May 20, 2017


No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells it all. 

This was when a family was literally bashing out over someone and it was freaking bad mouthing that it made me sad at how we humans easily forget the values we’ve tried to keep for many years.

May 24, 2017

Field journal inspired spread.


Be there for someone even if it’s just for yourself…

Because why not? you need to be with yourself especially in times when you are lonely, or on the edge of depression, or feeling burnt out.

And I also made some flat pages.

I think you’ve noticed by now that I am into Japanese and vintage themed pages and it will be like this for most of my future creations.

And for those keen on digital art or junk journals, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog (link is on the right sidebar) because I plan to give freebies in the future as I build my files.

Thank you for reading and Namaste.

Credits: Viva Artistry & VRobinson Kits

Week 21 on My Gratitude Journal

Grateful for this quote:

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling  you All they show is a limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what  you already know and you’ll see the way to fly. ~ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by R. Back (5/15)

Grateful for today, because reflecting that my practice is now such that I don’t meditate and center in the morning, I miss it greatly, and even crave the silence that I am getting used to. So grateful for fruits of silence. Also for memories that kept resurfacing these past few days — of happy days from college, from when I was popular among my peers and for that young love I once had. 😀  (5/16)

Grateful for a sense of peace amidst the outside chaos, knowing how blessed and guided my life is. So very grateful when I can step out of my own. (5/17)

Everything is passing…
Enjoy it’s momentariness. ~ Mooji

Grateful for grace letting me know gently when I’m off or starting to zigzag, for joy in remembering. For a decision coming into clarity. Still waiting for the knowing. For trust whispering to my soul… “Trust now, please. Trust your sacred self.” And for a beautiful day, getting the beautiful gifts my cousin just sent me from the Asia and for all the blessings, for winning today. (5/18)

Grateful for learning to surf the waves of my emotions. I recently heard of a good friend’s/family’s sad news and reality, that I almost lashed it all out at someone else. Very thankful because I need not dive in or drown with it. I can float and feel the sun on my shoulders and the mist on my face. May we each find the strength to ride, and not steep in the emotions that tie us down. (5/19)

The gratitude I feel for waking up each morning and having a full complete day of life’s gifts; of being present to enjoy all aspects of now and trying to live an authentic humble life seems to become richer each second. Much gratitude for being a part of a beautiful community of meditators. (5/20)

Grateful for sunny day.
For double yoga.
For reminder to be patient.
For patience.
As a challenge.
As a quality.
As a virtue.

For these and so much more, I am blessed.