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My Journaling Week at a Glance

Hello everyone! It’s been days or weeks since I last posted about my journals. I am now logged out on all other social media networks, so, I thought of sharing them here.

I decided to join a doodle challenge for this month since I have this one last page on my regular Traveler’s Notebook monthly insert that I didn’t have any use for, doodling on it seemed fitting because it would be a shame if I don’t finish this insert before I put it in the archives.

And then I got this two new Taroko insert in passport sizes and decided to use one for my mini lists, because why not? I love making lists!

On my weekly passport sized insert is where I write to-do’s, errands, and reminders for the week. The lists are not specific to the days/dates.

On my weekly Midori Notebook is a simple journaling of my days.

I am ready for June’s calendar page on my Midori B6 Slim notebook.

I always do art on my pages a week or days ahead before a new week comes in, that I way, I won’t be so behind. All I need to do is add the entries effortlessly.

This week’s gratitude journal is kinda unique. I usually make everything work even when I make mistakes but I really messed the original spread big time, enough for me to cover everything. This will be a great reminder in the future that I need to be more mindful, but really… I don’t mind at all that this turned out differently as I have imagined.

This is how my gratitude journal spread looks like for the incoming week. I added watercolor splatter so that the area where I write on will blend with the art that I made on the right page.

And that is all for last week’s journals.

Thank you for reading and for stopping by. I may not be on Instagram for a while because as predicted by many when it got sold to FB owner years back, it has literally become Facebook already. And by that, I mean a lot of show-offs. I am not saying that everyone has become one, but to me, I just want to focus on sharing my art projects, art journals, mail art, and snail mails in a simpler way, without the distractions of the many “brand” stationery show-offs and temptations. Of course, the experience is always subjective. I just thought that the time has come for me to slow down before I get sucked up.  

Week 17 on my Gratitude Journal


Being happy and content right now. I love this life. So grateful! and for being open to the splendor of not knowing, making it up as I go along. Merrily, merrily, merrily… life is but a sacred dream.  (4/24)


Today, I release the need to know, and to figure everything out, to have all the answers all the time. I embrace the present moment and trust that I am being carried along in the Divine flow. I am grateful to just be. (4/25)


The almost incomprehensible thing that created the galaxies, and what is beyond them. That benevolent thing, the source of all that is, that energy which is only love all the time. I wish I could find a name that moves beyond gender and personification because God is so much bigger than that. (4/26)

I’m reminded of my tag line, “gratitude moves mountains.”  Holy cow does it ever! The more I immerse myself in gratitude, things expand. Wonderful things happen, ideas come to me, I’m more creative, loving and kind. (4/27)

The peaceful mornings. Waking up to birds singing, a nice walk and stopping for coffee on my way back home. Just thankful. (4/28)



Today for looking and dancing with any and all attachments. All are sacred yet none are. A big teaching in progress. What does it… whatever “it” stands for? What/where do I truly give value. (4/29)


No rules! Living this life in any way or uninhibited way that makes my heart sing. Grateful. The older I become, the more I realize, for me… none of it much matters, other than whatever or how anything else relates to love and kindness and how it feels. Life seems more freeing that way. (4/30)


Relax and enjoy life. Know that whatever you need to know is revealed to you in the perfect time and space sequence. ~ Louise Hay

Thank you for reading. What were you thankful for for the past week?

Love always,

How I Use My Black Dokibook 

While I mostly enjoy using my Traveler’s Notebooks and love the thought that there is so much that I can do on it, I do feel like I sometimes need a quick change of journals/planners, just like how you want to step outside for a quick change of scenery. For that reason last year, I bought a cheaper version of those ring bound planners from the makers of Dokibook which is based in Hongkong. I decided to get the black textured cover with gold dots and elastic band and it already came with a dashboard, dividers, plastic pouches, and a transparent plastic ruler, all for just $24.00 plus SH, a total of $32. Not bad for newbie user like me, right? And it’s about time that I show how I use it.

I bought a couple of paper packs that I can use in it from a seller in Hongkong through eBay for $2.49/style with 40 leaves per pack and I love how cute their designs are. I wanted my pages to be minimal yet pretty but something that takes less effort and time to decorate and very inspiring to write on. So, I think having these in my Dokibook worked really well for me. It’s chunky but kinda cute. 😻

I used to use colors on the ‘Dailies‘ for time tracking and side notes for my mails. But I decided to skip doing that recently because it can get time-consuming and I often forget which color to use for which type of activity.🙀

How my current dailies look

I use the ‘List/To-do‘ section for my long-term lists.

The ‘Accounts‘ section is for me to keep track of my coffee expenses, crafts & art supplies spending, travel expenses, etc.

The ‘Favorites‘ section is for spur of the moment thoughts, haiku, etc.

This ‘Notes‘ section is still empty  because I have only added this recently.

And the ‘Miscellaneous‘ section for some serious writings.

I didn’t buy the Monthlies and Weeklies since I have them in my Traveler’s Notebook and I was trying to avoid being redundant, although I am thinking of getting the sets for future use.

I have noticed one thing though, brown ink seems to fit the pages’ design so well. So, yes to that since I am a big fan of brown ink.  🖌

Thank you as always for reading.

Xo 🙏🏻

Junk, Stamping, and Bullet Journaling

A few days ago, while I was keeping and organizing my Traveler’s Notebooks, I found a half-finished insert that I started last year for my doodles but totally forgot about it, and thought of how I would incorporate it in my current planning and journaling system. The idea of using it for junk journaling excited me because I have tons of ephemera that I intend to use all up.

So, what is it? basically, you know all those ticket stubs and receipts and things that you should throw away but don’t want to? this is the place to put these items. I’d call this a type of scrapbooking, but it requires less time and effort.
There is no need to over think on layout and what your focal point would be.

On another note, I’ve seen on Instagram how Traveler’s Notebook users stamp their leather covers and thought of trying it on one of my leather journal covers (not originally made by Traveler’s Company) to see if I would like how it would look and how it feels using one and if it is worth doing on my original Traveler’s Notebook cover. Uhhhmm… to me, it is ok. Not really my jam, so I am content for now to just having one stamped cover. The good thing is, this could all change. 😀 Keeping an open mind.

And on another, another note… I am also trying my hands on a simple form bullet journaling, so, I made an insert myself out of a notebook that I bought from Daiso months ago. It had dotted paper, just perfect for bullet journaling, and I like how it does not bleed through the other side of the page.

And lastly, I also made these labels myself because like I said on my IG story, I was about to spend $50 worth of Classiky pads which I only intend to use on my journals and maybe for lists. And I am glad I was able to stop myself before I could hit the checkout button. While I admit their paper and prints are really of quality, the habit of buying those can get quite expensive.

My point here is, if you have the tools, the skill, and patience, why not make it yourself and save the bucks for other important stuffs. 😀 Don’t get carried away with all the stationery and tools that are trending on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, or wherever these brands are being sold.

That is all for now and thank you for reading.


National Card and Letter Writing Month

Did you know that April is… yes, card and letter writing month? cool, right? And this is the first time I’m joining in because I thought it would be the best time to get caught up with reply mails, get in touch with family, long time friends, and enemies perhaps? 😀

So, here is a peek at what I’ve sent so far. First on my list is for an aunt who turned 84 yo on the 31st of March but I forgot to send a card on time, as the saying goes… it’s better late than nothing at all.

And of course, postcards for myself, immediate families, and for my best cousin.

Moving on to reply mails for penpals.


I also got this pretty parcel from the official Write_On campaign site. They are still sending letter writing kits to those interested. So, go on ahead and grab one out for yourself if you want to hop in. It’s not too late.

If you are a bit lost on what to write, here are a few tips that I found while surface browsing (forgot the site, but thanks):

1) Write the first things that come to mind; they often come straight from the heart.
2) Don’t edit yourself, unless you spell a word wrong.
3) Be brief. Letters like speeches need not be long-winded. You’ll lose your audience.
4) Print neatly. Handwriting is nice, but not everyone can read yours (and mine).
5) Use clean paper, but any color or type (including note cards) will do as long as it’s free of food stains.
6) Draw a picture of a heart, flower, animal, or whatever – it doesn’t have to do anything with your topic, but should make the recipient smile.

And Chronicle Books listed 30 potential people you can write to.

  1. Parents
  2. Siblings, if any (or an extended family member if you are an only child)
  3. Yourself: the present you, future you, and/or past you
  4. A kid in school
  5. Your grandparents
  6. A longtime enemy
  7. Santa
  8. An old friend that you have lost touch with, but wish you hadn’t
  9. Your lover
  10. An ex-lover (this might not be a good idea)
  11. A teacher who changed the way you think
  12. Someone in prison
  13. Your garbage collector
  14. The bartender at your regular spot (include a tip in the envelope!)
  15. Your pet
  16. Your favorite author
  17. A company you admire
  18. Your childhood hero
  19. Someone you have lost
  20. A stranger (and then leave it in a public place)
  21. Your congresspeople
  22. A homeless person
  23. Your bus driver
  24. Your librarian
  25. Your mailman/mailwoman
  26. Your favorite literary character
  27. A soon-to-be graduate
  28. Your alma mater
  29. Your favorite food (an ode to pizza, perhaps, written on pizza paper)
  30. The cashier at your corner store

Good luck and get those pens, paper, stationeries out of their boxes because letter writing is not just fun but it’s more fun when shared.

We write frankly and fearlessly but then we “modify” before we print. – Mark Twain

I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time. -Blaise Pascal

Spring Cleaning and the Many Distractions

As I cleaned and discarded useless stuff I’ve collected over the years, I came across my old cassette tape player and what was left of my old cassette tape collection (I’m totally digital by now, but didn’t realize I had kept a few). I cleaned the player, tried the knobs and one fell off 😀 but I got it back to working again. I sat back and listened to Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, and Deep Forest while drinking my ice-cold tea. Jewel’s songs didn’t sound depressing as they used to. Nor did Sarah McLachlan’s. Deep Forest reminded me how excited I was those days to hear ethnic music being mixed with techno. That was before God created club dj’s. Deep Forest music is not a “mix”, it’s a merging of two different times, two cultures, two expressions. That was what their music was about. Eventually, I’m throwing all these magnetic and analog stuff out, (erm… but not my art stuffs, yet!) I wonder who still uses cassette tapes..

As I listened to Four Seasons as interpreted by Vanessa Mae (still experimenting with my old cassette tapes), I patted myself on the back for successfully clearing my kitchen counter which now has only my coffeemaker and oven toaster on top. I have gotten rid of everything else, even my beloved “ingredients” which I like to collect. Now I have only sugar, tea, and cream on the shelf (I keep my coffee in the fridge). And no, I don’t eat anymore (joke).

I also admired my two desks, both looked amazingly bare. There was nothing on them anymore, no papers, no stacked folders, no notebooks, no half-opened books, no half-finished works, no post-it notes… nothing messy, that is. Tomorrow I attack my closet. The day after that, my bookshelves. I’m unstoppable.. When the moon is out (I’m glad it’s not out this week): delete! delete! delete!

I’m a bit late this year, I should have done my “Spring” cleaning at the beginning of the year. I’m gaining momentum though, so maybe by the end of the week, I’ll be done with my to-hell list. My rule: Keep only what I use, and my goal is to live simply. If life were digital, I’d have deleted a lot of my stuff by now. Maybe even my life. Erm… files.

Now, if I can only figure out how to untangle the magnetic tape that got tangled in the player’s head…

A Thousand Paper Cranes

Grateful for a friend’s story which reminded me to write something I’ve been wanting to share here but hadn’t felt ready to do.

Last year my spiritual teacher died. It devastated me. In my grief, I felt spiritually anchorless, unsafe and unsure. She was a teacher who insisted she wasn’t a teacher but who taught me my major lessons, how to stand up to life but have confidence in its flow. When I first met her, I had to beg her to take me as her student, and finally she took three of us in, while grumbling the whole time that she wasn’t our bloody teacher. She was funny and loud, but oftentimes, soft-spoken, articulate and wise, and on rare occasions, ruthlessly decisive in her compassion. She kept pushing us to our limits but we always had lots of laughs with our practice. A year after she’d been teaching me, she sent me away and cut off our connection because in her view, I was getting complacent and wasn’t learning in her presence anymore. She explained, the only real role of a teacher (not that she was one) was to point the way and the rest is really up to the student. Suddenly, I was wandering on my own, I had to learn and figure things out by myself, in my head, in my life. In time, I accepted that sending me away was the best teaching she ever gave me. After forgiving her some, 😀 I started writing her again, just everyday stuff and I would sign at the end with “Love always,” because that’s how I casually sign all my letters.

Early last year, she asked me to visit and when I arrived, I learned that she was dying…that week. She had been sick and silent about it, and had chosen to die and to refuse any more treatments. I found her sitting up weakly in her bed, slowly and painstakingly folding these crane origami, reminding me of the story of Sadako. In Japan, they’re known as senbazuru, or a thousand paper cranes stringed together (like prayer flags for peace), where legend has it, you get your wish once you folded on your own thousand paper cranes. I was confused and angry and I asked her, why wish for healing but refuse treatment? She just laughed at my confusion, and jokingly said, they’re for you grasshopper. I got to laugh too with the remaining time we had, but already feeling a deep sadness and dread. She died that week under her DNR orders, leaving me feeling anchorless again. A week into my grief, I found inside a box she left me, the paper cranes she’d been folding. When I absently unfolded one, then all of them with more purpose, I saw through my tears that she had written messages inside each one. She had carefully written inside each of the thousand colored paper cranes, “Love always.”

Today, my gratitude is for my teacher who taught me compassionate non-attachment to any person, and who keeps reminding me a thousand times to love always. Thank you for reading. 🙏💕