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Walking and The Art Of It

When does your walking become an art? Art? It’s in the eye of the beholder. And in the mind of the creator… We can all find deep hidden meaning, or a forceful visual impact in the simplest things… Noticing, and maybe capturing, these moments can give a rich extra dimension to our walking experience… Often, we notice what others do not. Photos are of Torrey Pines Natural Reserve in San Diego when we hiked the Beach Trail.


Hello once again my dear WP friends! First, late but never too late, let me greet you all a Happy 2015 and hope that everyone is off to a good start. Life happened thus the very long absence here although I have been more present on IG. And also, I have resolved to just stick to this one blog and post or update here as often as I can. So, yay to me! 🙂

am back!

They say that when you love something, you have to fight for it. So, I’ve fought WP so hard to get this account back and yey! here I am again. And to break the silence off, here’s a little shameless self-promotion, I am featured on Flow’s tablet 2nd edition which focused on the joys of postcrossing and snail mailing. You can download the app from your iOS/Android tablets just by searching Flow Magazine and it just to let you know it is only for tablets, the app is too large for smartphones I’ve heard. 😦 And also, for those who’ve been following me for a while and would like to see me in your dashes still, you may need to un-follow and follow back ‘coz I’ve changed my WP url to namastechick. Sorry for the inconvenience. Lastly, how have you all been? I know I have a lot to catch up with, so pls. bear with me. 😀 btw, this is Prem from “after my coffee” now “days.” Namaste.

left-over from hsi lai temple

I still found some left-over photos from the Hsi Lai Temple visit. This one made me think of Facebookers considered as Lurker-judger 🙂 And for coffee, hhhmmm… yum that sweet potatoes & sbux coffee. They really go well together. Have a nice weekend everyone!

what is…

What happened to the first signs of spring? uhhmmm… life is really unpredictable. You’ll never know what is…. not until you’re in the moment. Whatever the day is, sunshiny or not, coffee still happens.

first signs of spring

Yipee! Spring is near, it is visible… Winter is soon going to a very far away place from where it’ll move at a very slow pace and encircle the earth. The first signs of spring brings smiles and joy to me and to all. I feel it’s the beginning of nature and the rebirth of a new season and hopes of bringing life and renewal back to the cold pains Even with just the first signs of spring, I am now starting to feel somewhat better and renewed. 🙂 I am more happier when I can enjoy my cuppa outdoors on the patio.